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Re: X-Com Files feedback
« Reply #45 on: October 19, 2018, 02:16:12 pm »
I think I found a mod that could help you with what you need :) I am no expert but I think that it should work with X-com files and maybe Solarius could even incorporate it :),6644.0.html

Do not and I repeat do not assault muton base without better equipment. Obliterators (the muton mechanized unit) shoot elirium rockets which hurt like hell and have 100 armor from every side. I usually take them with squad full of soldiers with synthsuits and power mace(elirium maces? - don`t remember what those are called)
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Re: X-Com Files feedback
« Reply #46 on: October 19, 2018, 02:59:28 pm »
Yeah, getting my party almost wiped out within two turns of engaging a handuful of Muttons and a single of those mechanized units that shot only once and then made itself scarce was an obvious enough message. It got reinforced some time later when I shot down a large lander with muttons and while I managed to take them down, I traded casualties one for one with them and almost all survivors ended up in the hospital for 20+ days. That was with some heavy saving and loading too. At least the synthsuits I got out of that mess made the rookies somewhat useful as something more than cannon fodder.

Ironically, on the strategic layer I'm doing great the last couple of months - 5K and 8K scores, primary from shooting down UFOs with the Thunderstorms. I got a bit of research too after successfully assaulting a reptiloid village, though bringing down the dragon turret was pain - ten turns of focused fire and lobing AT RPGs at it. Still at this rate I'm at a loss what I need to capture/interrogate in order to unlock research of alien weapons and better protective armour than the cyberarmour. While the synthsuits are neat, people in them tend to get one-shotted by muttons even more often than those wearing the cybearmour.

On the tactical level, there are issues. Right now I have two types of missions spawning. First, those that are walk in the park with cybearmours with people getting wounded only due to critical hits. Second - those against tougher alliens where without saving and loading like a champion my veterans suffer unsustainable casualties. There are a few mission types that are kinda in the middle ground - sectoids and floaters primary, where the enemy is dangerous however perfectly manageable as long as I'm paying attention.

Underwater missions deserve a special attention - bringing anything but veterans, even as expendable cannon fodder to reveal the enemies seems pointless because those simply don't have the TUs to do so before being shot by aliens out of sight. At best I'm losing couple of my best people each time I try to assault one of their lured ships and the only bright point was that I finally got enough salvage to build that Ironfist or something heavy transport. On the downside, I'm not getting more than couple of plastics per mission and after all my underwater adventures I just got enough for second plastic swimsuit. Is that intentional or am I just unlucky?

On a more positive note, I finally got enough floater corpses to recover grav modules and built my first hovertanks. Its debute was neat - they seem to make excellent damage sponges at least against floaters, which were the first UFO I shot after said tank was operational.

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Re: X-Com Files feedback
« Reply #47 on: January 28, 2021, 11:41:42 am »
Hey. I really like the XCOM FILES and idk if I dont have the recent update but I run into a problem where I am taking down a Medium UFO with only 1 casualty and no one had seen an alien for a few turns and all of a sudden my soldiers panic? It says the place feels oppressive but I want to take my time when clearing out a UFO. They constantly panic and never seem to snap out of it. I waited about 20 turns or more and they just kept panicking. I was hoping with no aliens killing them or trying to kill them they would eventually snap out of it. Please help me, I have good men on this mission. It just feels like I can't get anywhere without them panicking on a UFO mission.

PS. Panicking noobies I might understand, but I have a Captain with 31 kills who has 93 aim and is panicking. Makes no sense at all. When they're all panicking, I can't send them home either.

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Re: X-Com Files feedback
« Reply #48 on: January 28, 2021, 11:52:38 am »
Hi Aerialgold,
The engine doesn't allow for such advanced mechanics as counting turns from seeing an alien or taking agent's ranks into account. All it can do is "on this mission, apply a morale damaging attack of this and this strength".
Anyway, the function of this feature is to specifically prevent the players from "taking their time when clearing out a UFO". XCF is fairly lenient here already, since it only applies to missions against aliens; compare with for example Piratez where it applies to all missions. And to be honest, battles against medium UFOs don't usually take long enough for this to become a problem (except when using lots of psi attacks). If it is, just take the happy pills.