Author Topic: Keyboard shortcut to send all standing off interceptors into attack at once  (Read 195 times)

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First of all, thank you for great platform. It's an awesome work that cannot be overstated! The ease of modding is just amazing. Keep it up, guys!

Now suggestion.
The TFTD is friendly enough to allow player amassing few interceptors for simultaneous attack. However, it is a little bit flawed by launching them one by one with clicking buttons on each interceptor screen. The delay is noticeable and first interceptor always takes a hit. It would be most logical to have a mean to send them to attack simultaneously too. Maybe a keyboard shortcut?
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Implemented in OXCE today.

Right-button-click gives the same command to all xcom craft (if possible).
Supported buttons:
- standoff
- cautious
- standard
- aggressive
- disengage