Author Topic: Please recommend TFTD mod for research and gauss improvement  (Read 823 times)

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Please recommend TFTD mod for research and gauss improvement
« on: October 08, 2020, 05:30:49 am »
Hello fellow X-Com fans!
I am quite keen of TFTD and am planning to play it again after some time of abandonment. I am playing OpenXcom, of course.

Please recommend the good mod for the following.

1. A research mod that fixes different nonsenses like Coelacanth Gauss dependency on new sub. I would also like to try overall research pace and direction improvement mod. Sort of not too easy getting sonic cannon right away. Maybe with dead/live alien techs leading to somewhere interesting. But maybe a little bit faster toward the end and not too stretchy and boring.
There are so many standalone useless technologies in the game. It would be nice for them to lead somewhere and have meaning to the game - not just to uncover a UFOPaedia article.

2. A gauss mod that do something with this gauss weapons that makes them not a complete waste of time. Probably in conjunction with the #1 gauss tech should be much much easier to research than sonic. Gauss pistol and rifle are fine but heavy gauss is just useless - it is insanely heavy and takes enormous TUs to shoot - these two things together make it completely unshootable for some weaker soldiers! Should be somewhat faster to produce in early bases with 10 technicians.
Sub gauss cannon is also laughable. It definitely has firepower but range is deadly for Barracudas. So even when singe sub combined dual GC payload is enough to down a dreadnought its range allows Barracuda to face only small USOs. Therefore, it amazing payload stays unused most of the time. It should be either one way or another. And it should appear at right time with right firepower. Either *very* early and weak as replacement for sub GC against early small USOs or relatively later but more powerful as a predecessor to Sonic Oscillator.
Torpedoes are the opposite (with PWT being the worst). They have decent range but shitty payload so quite often interceptor returns home undamaged but without completing the mission.
The only decent gauss item is coelacanth gauss. So it should be unlocked immediately after conventional platforms.