Author Topic: can't start xcom files, need help with setup?  (Read 2865 times)

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can't start xcom files, need help with setup?
« on: June 17, 2020, 12:38:29 am »
So, first time posting since i just found out about all of this, I will try to be as precise as possible.

Here's the problem:

I've installed both openxcom (latest build) and oxce 6.5.3 in two different folders, installed ufodefense in the proper folders in the respective OX's, downloaded x-files and put them in both "mods" folder. now here comes the tricky part.

1) with OX i can see xcomfiles ingame in mods and when i try to use it, it's telling me it needs the OXE pack and if i want to change to the mod, I accept, then it's restarting and giving me this message(taken from the logfile):

" [other loadup stuff...]
[16-06-2020_23-12-47]   [INFO]   Loading rulesets...
[16-06-2020_23-12-51]   [WARN]   disabling mod with invalid ruleset: x-com-files
[16-06-2020_23-12-51]   [ERROR]   failed to load 'X-Com Files'; mod disabled
Weapon STR_HUMAN_SONIC_SHOTGUN has clip size 0 and no ammo defined. Please use 'clipSize: -1' for unlimited ammo, or allocate a compatibleAmmo item."
and it crashes, reverting back to normal OX

2)with the OXE I can't see xcomfiles anywhere, even though the process I did is the same and it shows me every other mod, except the xcom files.

Now my questions:
A) Am I doing anything wrong in the setup? Do I need TFTD to play x-com-files?
B) Do I need to merge the seperate folders, so OX recognizes OXE?
C) Generally, what am I missing? What am I doing wrong here?

Thanks for the time and if I am supposed to write this post somewhere else, please direct me there and I will post it again.

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Re: can't start xcom files, need help with setup?
« Reply #1 on: June 17, 2020, 01:58:27 am »
After a couple of trials and errors, I made it work for the OXCE version I've installed.

Apparently the game creates a folder in your username/documents/ called openxcom. Within there is a folder called mods where I needed to put the x-com-files installation into instead of the "standard" folder in the original installation.
Now the game recognizes the mod and loads it up properly.

Nobody tells you this before installing, so I guess, this might help people facing the same problem. Though the problem with OX still persists, but at least I can play the game now.

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Re: can't start xcom files, need help with setup?
« Reply #2 on: June 19, 2020, 04:48:05 pm »
Thanks, I had the same problem. Let's hope the next Xcom Files version has integrated OXCE again, including the mods folder, similar to X-Pirates or the TWoTS+ Mod. These split forced path structures deep in Windows have their disadvantages.
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