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Fan Fiction
« on: February 04, 2013, 04:16:13 am »
Just randomly browsing the internet and stumbling on this got me thinking of good XCOM Fan-Fiction.

I would heartily recommend the brilliant piece by 'Hobbes' XCOM The Unknown Menace a great read, and he is doing another one for the 2012 remake.

Also speaking of XCOM fan-fic there was this nice one (but incomplete also iirc) on XCOM Apocalypse which was stored on some MS Word docs but I can't seem to find it anymore :(

and of course not exactly fan-fic but not exactly not either GuavaMoment's great Let's Play

I'm sure many people here already know all this (and did this?) but just felt like bringing it up for any people who have not seen these great works yet.