Author Topic: Wich looted items can i sell / arent used for anything [Maybe Spoilers]  (Read 986 times)

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Hi, im sitting on a ton of items and im not sure if i need them for anything in the future. How can i find out if i need them for anything? Most of them i already researched.

Alien Alloy Welder
Alien Multitool
Spooky Modern Camcoder
Spectral Corpse Hand
Haunted Hard Drive
Salt Pile
Dino Egg Shell
Alien Communicator
Hybrid Control Circutry
Deep Ones Comm Device
Ninja Scroll
Lo Wo's Scroll of Secrets
Alien Organ Sample
Alien Habitat (Was unable to research that one. Does it have no research?)
Examination Room
Alien Reproduction
Alien Surgery
Alien Electronics
Alien Food
MIB Enforcer Corpse (Cannot research)
MIB SCientist Corpse (Cannot research)
Chupacabra Embryo
Most Alien Corpses i sold once researched, except Floaters and Drones since i can process them for (micro)-grav-Modules/AI-Armour

I assume i can sell all the stuff?
Alien Electronics, Surgery and Reproduction i am most unsure of, since in my head they may be usefull.
That i need Alien Entertainment i already know.

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From sell screen:
middle-click on item to check for research,
right-click on item to check for manufacture.

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Awesome. This solves my question. I rightclicked some items, on the items i tried it always showed "No dependencies" so i didnt know what it means. now i know. Thank you very much.

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The "no dependencies" flag for selling researched loot for cash works, I believe 99.9% of the time. That 0.1% corresponds to items that are fuel for craft, if I remember correctly, for any mod in general.
Perusing the XCF ruleset the fuel items that need to be considered are: Elerium and Zrbite
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