Author Topic: [Suggestion] Aliendeployment Separation from Missionsite and Crashsite for UFOs.  (Read 1074 times)


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In the current implementation of OXCE, both Crash site and Missionsite for ufo uses the same Aliendeployment.

I propose a feature to separate the two, missionsite has its own Aliendeployment and Crashsite has its own Aliendeployment.


1) Missionsite for ufo (Human or Aliens) to allow interesting and unique missionsite when an xcom craft lands on it. This I envision if a plane (Human) ufo lands on a sea texture, it can land on an island not in geoscape, aircraft carrier, oil rig. On land, if a ufo or plane lands on mission site, it can do all sort of missions like mini-terror missions. Unique small research quest.

2) If possible, a way for Missionsite aliendeployment to be able have random variations. Like Terrain or script to be randomly chosen from a preselected list, from Research to Mini-terror missions. Research missions is you see random equipment scattered across the battlescape map.

3) UFO crash sites, now separated from missionsites, having higher percentage of engine explosion. I have already pioneered of Human ufos, having Plane and Tritons having different crash maps randomly chosen from a preselected list. This allow for more interesting and believable crash sites.

I have spoken to a few modders and they are in favor of this new feature. It allow opportunity for new story arch and unpredictable Mission sites when an xcom craft lands on a ufo.

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