Author Topic: overhaul graphics to new niveau (like ~MM6++; 32bit colors Res[800x600]++ palett  (Read 309 times)

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what about get the graphics in that major, big X-Com mods to abit on new niveau, higher level, a bit to  ..highter, better (more detailed, bigger resolutions, better quality, etc..),

overhaul the graphics to whole new, hard-coded, "engine-supported" (X-Com core-supported, /fully implemented) niveau (alike in ~ MM6++; 32bit colours, Res[800x600]++ (as very minimal 800x600, or better 1024x768), more wider, richier colors´palette, etc.. )

32bit colours

Res (minimum) 800x600 ++
(as very minimum ^^, or even better 1024x768)

more wider, richier colors´palette

(well, upgrade it all to ~~this decade level, and overall for xPiratez, X-Com Files, etc..

to smthng graphics level like this>

wat about to make such upgrade, improvements of graphics, like in (and get to level, niveau, like in 

yes, exact´ly like this, here we go -~~ similar look a´like this >

and so on..

yap, overal graphics level, ~~ like in, for examples, series Might & Magic 6 - 8 , and above-showed scr.images...
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IF you will redraw ALL sprites?

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If this "New", "Better" would look like this first screenshot you posted I would say we should stay way from this and keep current graphic.
WC3:R should teach us that do not fix things that aren't broken.