Author Topic: Reaver's Megamod playthrough by a nerdy noob. Playlist-ish and details  (Read 538 times)

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I am playing Reaver's megamod, remixed twice, with some other mods thrown in the blender for good measure.

I plan on using this post as a sort of playlist, because I'm uploading on bitchute, and they don't have that feature yet.

Comments and roasts welcome.

Also, this is not edited. I press the pause button on the recording when I'm doing uninteresting things,
but other than that it's just my raw, unfiltered pain, for your enjoyment.

Intro, setup, and futzing around

No one:
Me: Typing is hard

Meet my soldiers at 13:45

Episode 1: Better Bored than Dead

Episode 2: Cyberdisks are Hard part 1

Episode 3: Cyberdisks are Hard part 2

Epidose 4: Lesson #1: Things Explode
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I'm liking this let's play, and looking forward to more episodes!