Author Topic: [TftD] Smaller USO and alien colony maps. Ship missions are only 1 stage.  (Read 2787 times)

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TFTDextender had a few options for battle map sizes that I miss having in OpenXcom, so I made this mod to bring some of those tweaks to Openxcom and OXCE. USO Battle maps and the second stage of alien colonies in X-COM: Terror from the Deep were larger than the same types of battle maps in UFO Defense, and I find the larger maps a bit tedious by comparison. Also, the 2-part ship terror sites are brutally long. This mod changes the USO battle maps to the same size as the ones in UFO Defense, except for the survey ship and colony supply ship, which generate battle maps slightly smaller than their UFO Defense counterparts. The size of the second stage of alien colonies have been reduced to 40x40, which is a bit smaller than UFO Defense alien bases, but alien colonies have 4 elevations so there is still more total floor area to navigate. Also, this mod limits Shipping route terror sites to 1 stage. There is a 60% chance that a shipping route mission will be in the upper decks and a 40% chance of the mission taking place in the lower decks.
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Very interesting!
Thank you very much for sharing !  :)   :)