Author Topic: New Request. Diplomacy, Human Factions, Bribing, Kidnaping, Faction counter raid  (Read 457 times)

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Hi guys, this is something I thought of a lot UFO should have. I am borrowing a page from XCom Apocalypse.

With the new features like UFO patrolling and intercepting your craft. Interrogation chamber and etc.

I am proposing a next step up. Human Factions.

We finally have the luxury of creating Human factions beside Alien factions, like Lobsterman, Mutons.  The same rules allow us to create Marsec and etc.

So, perhaps we can have some crude or really basic diplomacy.. to enhance the game. I am not talking about a Master of Orion style Diplomacy like alliance and etc.  Like APOC, we have factions that are Alien aligned, Neutral, XCOM and Govt Aligned.

With Factions like Marsec (this we create) for example, they have rank hierarchy like the Alien does. 

Their mission, instead of the Aliens, would be

Faction meeting.
Base resupply.
Escorting mothership.
Base construction.
Terror missions
Enemy Faction Terror and base attack.

Depending on the Faction alignment, the human faction can:

Intercept your Craft, when you are intercepting ufo or deploying for a mission, if the Faction is Alien friendly.
Intercept enemy faction craft if they are enemy of other faction. Patrol a region and hunt XCOM craft should they are
hostile. OR aid you if they are friendly to help intercept and shoot down alien ufos. You only need to deploy the troop transport
to attack aliens ufo.

Shot down Human faction transports will be treated similarly like Alien UFOs.  So beside Aliens, we have humans to deal with.

The human factions could have meetings, where they either intimidate, affect the alignment of the other faction into like or hate XCOM, trade rare weapons. You have intercept to disrupt their activities.

In Faction Terror missions, you can disrupt a Human faction attacking of another. This will result the victim human faction be more friendly to you. This also apply to Human faction attacking the base of another human faction and you come to the rescue.

Human faction can also create base and supply their base just like Alien bases does. They can launch Ships to intercept your transport or interceptors. You can raid their base for rare items and kidnap high ranking faction member for Ransom or just to force rating improvement with the enemy faction. Enemy faction can launch attack from their base to your base, to retaliate, raid or rescue capture high ranking faction member.

For the alignments, Human factions can aligned to

-Govt and Countries.
-Stronger Factions.

Alien can infiltrate factions, beside countries and Factions can infiltrate Govt to block Xcom funding. Similarly, you can undo them by destroying the base of enemy in the country or kidnap high ranking faction members to change ratings.

Also Faction can control certain goods and items, like having rules,

ItemisFactionAligned=yes or no.
WhichFactionItemisLockto=Name of faction.

If faction is friendly to you, you can purchase on the open market, if not, you won't see them at all. However, you can still buy
them in the Blackmarket for a very high price.

So extra rules like

IsBlackmarketallowed= yes or no.
PricefluctuationforBlackmarketitem=List the percentage from cost price.

To sway the rating or improve a faction rating, you can bribe them, kidnap high ranking Faction official.
Or to make it worse, attack, raid and to destroy their base.

I propose to put the new Diplomacy feature all in the funding feature in the game.

I know this kind of thing is a lot of work, but if it can be done, if will put this game a whole new level of fun and interest.

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Looking at the...'backlog' right now, i can think of a lot of feature i'd rather see in the game than this, starting with hangar/craft sizes.

Your post contains a lot of stuff that is probably already possible with what's in the game, and i'm not sure what it is exactely your're requesting. Another 'alien' race (i.e. humans)? No problem. Missions involving that race? No problem.

The thing is that they are all treated as 'aliens' on the geoscape and battlescape. The battlescape has a third 'faction' (in addition to aliens and x-com) - civilians, so you'd probably be able to work with that...somehow.

But it's not feasible on the geoscape. Aliens can't intercept themselves. What you're requesting would probably require rewriting parts of the engine, as openxcom doesn't have any kind of diplomacy system, let alone 'factions'.

As for items being restricted - this is already possible using research projects and other restrictions (facilities for example). I'm not sure if randomized/fluctuating prices are still a thing in OXCE, I think there was a mod for vanilla that did that.

I propose to put the new Diplomacy feature all in the funding feature in the game.
I have no idea what that's supposed to mean.

I know this kind of thing is a lot of work, but if it can be done, if will put this game a whole new level of fun and interest.
As far as I can tell, people are already having a lot of fun without this, and their fun could probably be expanded upon - in an easier and more productive way - by implementing features that are in the backlog.

Different hangar and craft sizes for example.

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X-Piratez has factions already on it, so that is something that is already possible with the current system.

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You are basically after the same style of game i am, all being without the Terrorformed globe.

Anyway see my old request, on  for diplomacy options here... having diplomacy is not vailable and they done plan on doing it, it was this that almost force me to start modding OpenApoc instead :),6785.0.html