Author Topic: About the first lunar mission with humanists  (Read 487 times)

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About the first lunar mission with humanists
« on: August 13, 2023, 10:43:14 pm »
So I finally managed to finish the first humanist mission on the moon, and I wondered what kind of strategy peoples used for this mission ?

  • I tried to do it with carbon armors, got absolutely rekt by multiples hanabu / warp cannons.
  • Tried with a laser hovertank with low-tech ammo. Not enough power and it exploded as soon as the shield went down.
  • Tried with a gnomedisc with 2 rockets launcher (because of the purple shield / rockets), It was better until I discovered I couldn't reload the disc.
  • Say fuck it, waited until I had moloch armors, XEC Archer with emp ammo, Hologal Pad, nukes and Blaster Launcher.
The last try was the good one.
Launched a few hologals, slaughtered the hanabu with the XEC. Turn out hologals work really well as bait / ennemies indicator, and are nearly immune to plasma / warp damage.
Then, I exploded the surface buildings and anything that moved until I could access the subterranean part of the base, where moloch armors really shinned as tanks. (I had no experimented repentia gals, but a lot of experts catgirls working as support)

But the moloch armors are red codex exclusive. So it is not doable this way if you're not a red codex user. (And also, I probably destroyed a good part of the loot)

My question are, how did you managed to clear this map ? And when ?