Author Topic: Area 51 and Terrain Pack prerelease plans  (Read 1408 times)

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Area 51 and Terrain Pack prerelease plans
« on: May 19, 2019, 11:22:24 pm »
Hey all,

I've recently started publishing a series of smaller mods in the portal to represent different starting scenarios for the original game. The idea behind this came from playing other games, where you can changing the conditions to get a different experience and allowing for granular difficulty settings.

But once I started adding these small mods, I remembered that it this was how this mod started, with wanting to add new features to the Terrain Pack. So I decided to add a new format to Area 51, more of a mod collection, where you can choose which parts you'd like to play, like this:

And here's the full list of submods, indicating their development status:

Alien Hives (
Alien bases will launch UFOs against incoming XCom craft and upgrade their interceptors as time advances.

Armed Civilians (
Adds paramedics, firefighters, police officers and military soldiers to terror sites.

Close Encounters (
Alien spotters/snipers added. Alien melee units will charge more aggressively.

Council Betrayal ((
Several countries start already infiltrated. 4 additional countries. Pacts can be reverted by destroying bases.

Early Invasion (
The aliens' invasion timetable is advanced by six months.

First Class (
Only the eight starting soldiers can be promoted to Commander rank.

Galactic Fantasia
Adds the Spacefarer, Waspite, Phaser, Overlord and Gazer races, Muton Berserker/Elite/Leader/Commander units, Armored Sectopod and Hybrid terrorists.

Hunter-Killer UFOs (
Medium/Large scouts, Terror Ships and Battleships have increased radar sight and can attack XCom craft.

Muton Warlords (
Muton UFOs can bombard XCom bases to destroy facilities or even destroy the entire base. Adds Muton Leader/Commander.

Night Terrors (
Alien bases can also generate terror missions. Mission sites will despawn even when targeted by XCom craft.

Outworldly Physics (
Smoke is 25% less effective blocking alien vision. Electroflare light power reduced by 25%.

Resistance Base (
XCom bases are replaced with the Tech Base, with surface and underground base facilities.

Spacemen Remix (
Adds mixed crews of the vanilla aliens.

Top Gun (
Adds pilots to XCom, required to pilot all craft.

Xenophobia (
Human soldiers may suffer additional morale losses during combat.

Under development/consideration:

Beaches Of Cydonia
Replaces the Mars Cydonia Landing mission with a new terrain.

Immediate Evac
Terror sites have a 33% chance of being generated as escape missions, where XCom units need to reach an exit area to win.

Mudranger APC craft
Adds the Mudranger APC craft, and uses it  to replace the starting Skyranger.

Outside Context Problem
Captured aliens are required to unlock all major alien tech. Adds Alien Scientist Rank.

Terrain Pack
New terrains for landed/crashed UFOs, terror sites (include new civilian units) and alien base missions. Includes Geoscape redesign. *Being adapted from latest version*

Ununpentium Lock
Elerium research is a prerequisite for all major alien techs.

There will be some loss of mod integration (since they now need to work independently) but this also simplifies the rulesets. And, afterwards it will be easier to use it with mods made by other authors. Once all the planned submods are developed, there will be a release to replace 0.971 that will include all of the submods.

Finally, there are 3 aspects of Area 51 that I'm still redesigning:
* Weapons & Armor & Craft & HWPs - which to keep, drop, etc., there are already a lot of existing mods
* Council missions - with a different format
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Re: Area 51 and Terrain Pack prerelease plans
« Reply #1 on: June 05, 2019, 08:27:49 pm »
I *should* release version 0.98 until the end of this week, depending how work progresses.

It will involve some major code rewriting and clean-up, and at this stage I can say that it will most likely break your saves for several reasons.

I've also reconsidered my plans to break the mod into a series of submods, because of a number of incompatibilities that came up while rewriting the code and the whole practicality of this plan. The current released submods will continue to exist separately, and nearly all will be included (except for the ones that merely increase difficulty).

There will also be a few changes in the research tree, due to the new format of Council missions.

As for new features, the last to be included before the final release will be the Beaches of Cydonia terrain for the Mars mission, which should only be added for version 0.99 because it will involve substantial terrain design work.

I've also considered adding the Resistance Base to replace the vanilla XCom base, but it will most likely remain as optional, because of the changes required. This isn't completely decided though, so I'd like to have some feedback.

So yeah, be prepared for a few changes :)
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Re: Area 51 and Terrain Pack prerelease plans
« Reply #2 on: January 27, 2020, 05:53:38 am »
Hello Hobbes,

would you consider adding the set of Expanded Ubase Maps i made (based upon Luke83's work) here:,3580.0.html
towards the terrain pack. I would have to ask luke83's permission to actually do this. I will ask him via pm.

EDIT: luke83 agrees to my propoasal.

Hobbes please consider these maps as a contribution to the terrain pack. Please also give proper credit to luke83 and me, if you consider adding those.
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