Author Topic: Introducing 17 Mod to play in XCOM 2 that has already been tried.  (Read 1510 times)

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It is well known that XCOM 2 has support for Mod in both formal and informal formats, and only the game launches have not yet reached 1 month. There are developers to send Mod to gamers to play uninterrupted. Therefore, the PCGAMER has compiled the extra mods that are organized, interesting, and able to accommodate 17 numbers for friends to choose to use and not to waste time looking at those mods at all

Capnbubs Accessories Pack

This first mod will add beauty to your soldiers with head decorations such as kevlar hats, masks, hats (front and back) and many more. Who is the gamer? Who like to dress up the drama must be organized


Military Camouflage Patterns

This mod will appeal to players who like the realism of costumes, which will come with military uniforms based on real combat units from 21 countries around the world, such as Russia, the United States, Sweden, Australia. And everyone is cool


Star Wars Helmets

For those who watch Star Wars movies and still don't get in the movie in XCOM 2, there is a Star Wars mod with the classic Storm Stroopers hat costume, but with more or less accuracy. Try it


Custom Face Paints

If anyone doesn't like the costume but wants to decorate the face, then must use this mod because it is a face painting mod that has different patterns to choose from more than 10 patterns together.


Advent Armor

This mod will allow players to transform our soldiers with the coolest Advent armor (the Advent is a soldier who joins the aliens). There is a distinctive hat that covers the entire face and has a unique shape that likes military design. Advent, don't miss this Mod.


Uniforms Manager

If wanting to dress up under the same military uniform, there is no need to sit and adjust one by one when using the Mod Uniforms Manager that will allow players to set uniforms to be used by all soldiers with just a click. Only once can see how to set up in the video above.


Deadpool Voice Pack

Those who have watched the movie Deadpool have been attracted to the voice that is very nervous, and if wanting to have such an attack in XCOM 2, just download the Mod Deadpool Voice Pack and get Deadpool's voice. Can wear instead of the military sound, with a stirring dialog and a lot of laughs!


Stop Wasting My Time

This unique name mod will help increase game performance by reducing the delay in the fight scene, which usually has about 1-3 seconds of delaying the character's gesture. But if using this mod, it helps. Will reduce those periods, thus making your game play more smooth.


Numeric Health Display

The blood band in XCOM 2, which is usually a color bar, looks above the character's head, but for players who don't like that blood band, for whatever reason, it can be changed with the Mod Numeric Health Display to change the bar. The blood of the bar is numbered, which tells both the amount of blood, armor, shield makes it easier to read, and the player can customize the color or size of the number to be as small as possible


Free camera rotation

This mod will allow players to adjust or rotate the screen freely around them. Once installed, the screen can be rotated by pressing the Q and E buttons to rotate left-right. The T and G keys are divided into zoom / Can also be removed, suitable for storing images in beautiful corners


True Retroactive AWC

The Advanced Warfare Center is a place that allows our soldiers to unlock the secret Perk, which will randomly come out and this accessory will make the Perk random soldiers remain constant and will not disappear if there is a random Perk. time


Upgrade Reminder

In this mod, it helps to change the military item icons, allowing players to be more easily noticed and not forgetting to upgrade anything or have any weapons in them by adjusting the size, color as needed.


Evac All

Tired of having to waste time to sit and press Evac one by one, in the Mod Evac All, because the name allows the player to press Evac with just one click and affect every player's unit.


True Concealment

conceal is the skill of the Ranger that has disappeared, but its disadvantage is that it will count the time since the start of use, and if using this Mod will improve performance with its skill will not count the time again Continue until being seen by aliens, which will be quite useful in exploring the path.


SMG Pack

Will increase the gun type Sub-Machinegun To the military, there is a great advantage of the firing range that makes the enemy attack the garden more difficult, but the disadvantage of this type of gun is that the amount of ammunition is low and not very strong.


Leader pack

Is adding a new position to the military in the title position, which can be added to the level at the Guerrilla Tactics School.