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[topic 1: My TripleA (Axis&Allies) shots (My first time playing it this year)

in the mood, but staying out of the forums for a reason.
[topic 2: Improving and learning my English for reasons only.  :-\)
tbf (to be fair); i am going to be occasionally learning, but improving my English (Note i'm an American/US person IRL, not a JP-p born in Japan 21 years ago FYI. -.-) with books and stuff because i asked hellrazor about this via PM reply, well i told him to ignore it/them for reasons only, but he did once a while. 😕
Turns out everyone's on OXCF including @Solarius Scorch are right about my posts being garbage and spammy (which hurted everyone's feelings on there. + the 10-attachment limit sh*t  :-[ ) compared to my life being a garbaged piece of crap from SPORE-less - to - desktopless impatience crap tmo (to my opinion).

Nevertheless, i will preferably come back to OXCF notably May or/nor November (if i have the rights do them) after i have notepad (txt or other) files that have copyable to pasteable English words (word example: ought, absolute, or "something else" rather? 🤔) that everyone or my books uses to anything that might contain good or normal or bad examples (online) if i know mistakenly. 🤔

Note to @all: this is my first post for today of this month (February), i like to make 2 topics on the Offtopic board, but i decided to put 2 (of them) in 1 instead to make it not spam-ish.
don't get me wrong unless i have a right to do so.
remember that i'm still fired from OXCF by Solarius last week (jan 26) meaning i have to stay out of the forums until May or November permanently.  :-\
let this new topic/post for today be garbage for reason only then

thank you

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