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before i get indefinitely permabanned from the forums at somepoint later on. (meaning no coming back to OpenXCOM forums as FeruEnzeru or a new account forever in the future)

Before 2 days ago (Jan 26), i've decided to change my username to put a "[TEMPOBANNED]" part at the end due to hurtful, but brutal humiliation from my OXCF workmates excluding Reaver (plus Efrenes, luke83, XOps, and 6 others excluded) including Solarius (don't tell him this) for a reason only :(; plus 2 important posts/replies deleted by Meridian in OXCE board (they'll never be remembered at least. ??? ). :-\

Therefore; i will be tempobanned (temporarily banned) from the forums (by the GB-MDs of OXCF) until probably May (May 15 2019) or November 2019 to not come back at some point later on. :(

Although, Solarius or everyone (or the OXCF staff) are right about my good(but crappy) posts being senseless garbage (to them); that's okay for my life to happen (due to english / language issues) + help about a openxcom forum theory about reading all of the posts / threads / replies probably containing official XCOM lore; either original or reboot lore exactly (if there's none actually. 🤔).
Nevertheless, i'm not going to be posting more of my LEGO stuff / pics / shots on my thread involving them, not on anyone else's threads or my threads that are not the one i have to post them on anymore because of a reason purposefully (+ due to irritating spam crap because of the 10 image limit per post boringness exactly. ☹). :-\

For now, i'm going to preferably doing work instead of useless crap (i can still read OXCF without me / my account being logged in), like improving my English with books (+ Dictionaries as books) / notepad / etc and other things i have in mind. plus save on getting the XCOM life i have been wanting after this + beating my challenges for all XCOM (OXC / etc) without save scumming til a year that is not 2010s nor 2020s.

If you excuse me for a moment; and by the way... i'm fired! :p + img attached for a reward of my tempoban at least

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I can uderstand you have some personal issues.
No, i will not ban you for this post, i will not even delete this post.
However you need to understand that Freedom of speach not warantee you right to piss other members of community, not this , not any other.
We are very openminded and tolerative.
Even I learned that.
However we all have patience limit.
One advise: you wish to post something just because you disagree, prepare logical arguments.
Don't post just to post, because for others it's just garbage.
Closing topic.