Author Topic: [TC] [OXCE] [WIP] - OXC FACTIONS ( AKA Alien Civil War)  (Read 19631 times)

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Re: [TC] [OXCE] [WIP] - OXC FACTIONS ( AKA Alien Civil War)
« Reply #165 on: January 08, 2020, 04:11:20 am »
Very nice.
I did a similar thing (thought not as pretty), but I also surrounded the area with cave walls.

Thanks Mate,
 Yes, at first i also thought i would WALL IN these maps but eventually changed my mind on that approach. Im glad you like the "look" of the maps, its honestly just a darker version of the Mountain terrain :P I have several sets of these maps, i have a Core set that is just the "cave" , that acts as the "general terrain" for my undergrounds and then i use a secondary set to mix in the "faction Specific" items so in this map we have lots of water on the ground and stalagmites.

Hoping to finish this set tonight so i can get chase up a few Errors i have been told about in the "Hybrid Globe" i released for the community.

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