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Lord_Kane's Mod Hub
« on: December 17, 2020, 10:45:44 pm »
This thread is were I will post about My Mods basically, expect blogs, dev ideas or release news. anything really related to the stuff I decided to burden the OXC community with.

All mods will be hosted on openxcom's section of, back ups will only be uploaded to the forum in case goes down or has significant technical issues.

All my mods REQUIRE Openxcom extended. (OXCE) unless otherise stated.

Currently Released Mods:

UFO Plus!
Version: 1.0

TFTD Plus!

Version: 1.0

Mods In-Development:

Reaver's Redux formally "Reaver's Remix"
Status: Closing in on release, give or take a few months.
Release Window: Unknown.

Mods Mothballed:

Status: Archived and Spun off into the UFO Plus! Mod.

Status: Archived and Spun off into the TFTD Plus! mod.

TFTD Rebalance
Status: Archived and DEAD unless I have a major brainwave or a touch of divine or dark inspiration, sorry to all who were looking forward to it.
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