Author Topic: The Untold Story of the First Alien War  (Read 4141 times)

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Re: The Untold Story of the First Alien War
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Date: 17 March, 1998
Subject: Anthropod Autopsy Report

Despite the humanoid shape of the so-called "Anthropod", this creature is truly alien in nature. The skeleton is mostly cartilaginous with only a few robust bones composing the framework. The organs also have a very diffuse quality, all of the apparatus is spread throughout the mass of entrails. The brain size is slightly larger than a human's, but it is composed of several ganglions, which result in a lower interconnection density. The respiratory system is also very rudimentary and inefficient with noticeable signs of inflammation in it.

Regardless, this thing, as we have seen in the field, is quite dangerous and should be approached with extreme caution.

End Report


Date: 17 March, 1998
Subject: Duranthread Factory Location

We now know of the exact location of the Duranthread Factory we've recovered from Red Dawn...nowadays, controlled by what little remains of the organisation. Well, not necessarily, but we do have a vague idea. Regardless, if we are able to attack the factory, we can secure more of this "Duranthread" for study. We better hurry, though....the clock is ticking.

End Report