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[ADDON] "Melee" Weapon Pack (v1.12)
« on: September 27, 2019, 06:22:56 am »
Well here this is. I originally set out with the idea that it'd be "pretty freakin' sweet" to have a Relic Blade in my late-game army, and I just sort-of accidentally made 40+ weapons. The new focus was adding/overhauling melee weapons - I mean, it's 40k, and prolonged fire fights are for Tau. There are a few non-melee weapons, as well. I've used a number of scripts with these weapons. The only weapon with a custom codex image is currently the Hand Flamer, brought to you by bulletdesigner. The other codex images are of the closest comparable weapon (Power Weapons use Power Sword, etc) I've also played through an assault campaign using these weapons, so I'm somewhat certain that this won't make anything explode. I designed a lot of the late-game weapons with my Randomized Stat Caps script in mind, but it's not even remotely required to use these weapons. Some of these could use a little extra polish, but I'm happy enough to share this as it is for now.

Alternate chapter weapon skins exist for the Blood Angels and Imperial Fists. You can find them in the AlternateChapters folder. You can switch to them if you are using the appropriate chapter change mods by simply overwriting the default images with the other chapter images. They only change the skin of weapons added with this mod, although most weapons are genetic types.

Global changes
Melee fatigue - Melee accuracy is reduced on low energy (full accuracy at 50% energy, 50% accuracy at 0% energy). This is just a test to make energy preservation and energy depletion weapons more valuable. Excessive sprinting will make melee sloppy, and weapons that harm a target's energy can make a melee enemy much less dangerous. If you dislike this, you can easily and safely disable it by deleting the script underneath meleeMultiplierBonusStats, offset 1.
Melee weight penalty - Melee attacks from weapons with weight higher than the unit's strength are reduced in power proportional to the missing strength. A 100 damage hit by a unit with 40 strength holding a melee weapon that weighs 50 units, will become an 80 power hit. With the increased melee weapon variety, this means that throwing a Heavy Thunder Hammer on everybody regardless of capabilities is NOT a viable solution. No games of "plant the power axe in the plague lord" amongst your retinue of 30 untrained guardsmen base defenders.

Power weapon technology availability varies by strategy, and has been re-balanced as a mid-game weapon type. Each Space Marine doctrine unlocks one power weapon with Sergeant armor, and two others with their doctrine-specific armor. Researching the technology that unlocks Venerable Dreadnoughts also unlocks the final power weapon.
  • Power Sword - A fast, well-rounded power weapon. Available to Tactical Sergeants, and unlocked by researching the scout camo/vanguard armors.
  • Power Axe - Better at defeating armor than the power sword. Available to Assault Sergeants, and unlocked by researching scout camo/signum armors.
  • Power Maul - The strongest power weapon against unarmored targets, with additional stun power. Available to Devastator Sergeants, and unlocked by researching honor guard/vanguard armors.
  • Power Lance - A heavy two-handed weapon. While it's no stronger than other power weapons, each turn, the first time this weapon hits, it's power is increased by 50%. Available to Scout Sergeants, and unlocked by researching the honor guard/devastator armors.
Master-crafted weapons are identical to their mundane counterparts, with the exception that melee weapons attack 20% faster, and ranged weapons have 20% extra accuracy. This gives them more attacks in a prolonged melee, and more reliable charge attacks. I thought about power increases or accuracy increases, but the former just ships weapons into new niches, while the latter just makes the weapon better in the hands of someone bad. These are fairly late-game upgrades, requiring the power weapon technology, master-crafting, and high-tier chapter requisition.
  • Master-crafted Power Sword
  • Master-crafted Power Axe
  • Master-crafted Power Maul
  • Master-crafted Power Lance
  • Master-crafted Thunder Hammer - Exclusive to Assault strategy
  • Master-crafted Storm Bolter - Exclusive to Tactical doctrine.
Force Weapons require a Librarium and the relevant power weapon tech, although there is no Force Lance. Anyone with psi power can use a Force Weapon, but if the wielder isn't wearing Librarian Armor, then their power is HALVED. Power scales off of psi strength (including melee) and power accuracy scales off of psi skill (excluding melee). Force weapons with blue runes will glow brighter depending on the wielder's psi strength.
  • Force Staff - Enables the wielder to cast Compel Fear (panic) and Dominate (mind control). This force weapon is unique in that it requires no other power weapon technology.
  • Force Sword - Enables the wielder to cast Electroshield (self damage shield) and Electrosurge (mid-range armor-ignoring blast attack).
  • Force Axe - Enables the wielder to cast Might of the Ancients (increases force axe damage) and Smite (mid-range armor-ignoring strong attack).
  • Force Rod - Enables the wielder to, once per turn, increase their energy and reduce stun damage (at the cost of time and morale).
These are other items and weapons that were also included.
  • Gladius - A ceremonial short sword fit for an honor guard. Hitting an opponent in melee with the Gladius increases melee skill until either the next attack or the end of the turn, whichever is first. Being an accurate weapon, it's value lies in ensuring hits with more deadly weapons. Unlock purchasing this early-game melee weapon by selecting Tactical strategy, or reach mid-tier.
  • Astartes Combat Blade - This is the combat knife preferred by close-combat scouts. Unlock this early-game melee weapon by selecting Scout strategy, or reach mid-tier.
  • Chainaxe - A slight step up from chainswords, and a far cry from power weapons, this is essentially a heavy chainsword. Unlock purchasing this early-game melee weapon by selecting Assault strategy, or reach mid-tier.
  • Chain Knife - A lightweight chain weapon that can be stored on the waist. Unlock purchasing this early-game melee weapon by selecting Devastator strategy, or reach mid-tier.
  • Combat Shield - Wielding this shield decreases incoming damage (before it even affects armor) by 10%, provided it isn't a strike against rear armor. You can guard with this shield, which doubles the resistance bonus granted and protects from all directions. This can only be held in the soldier's left hand!
  • Relic Blade - A powerful end-game weapon (requires 1st Company technology), and only one can be obtained (automatically via researching the topic). In the hands of a true champion, this weapon can (and will) turn the tides of a battle. To reiterate, the Relic Blade can never be replaced, manufactured, or otherwise re-acquired! Losing a chapter relic is the ultimate dishonor!
  • Omnissian Power Axe - A variant of the Power Axe. While it's slightly less effective, when it strikes an ally, it repairs their armor instead of damaging them. Wearing Techmarine armor dramatically increases the repair effect.
  • Heavy Thunder Hammer - An extremely heavy two-handed hammer capable of destroying anything. It requires both hands in order to swing, preventing assault terminators from using it.
  • Hand Flamer - A lighter, one-handed version of the flamer. It fires faster and in smaller bursts. Hand flamer fuel is identical to standard flamer fuel, although it comes in a smaller capacity. The perfect companion to an Assault Marine's melee weapon, or a Battle Sister's bolt pistol. This weapon can be purchased at any time. Hand Flamers, when used in close quarters, DO NOT cause damage to the person firing the weapon.
  • Terminator Grenade Launcher - A power fist adorned with a double-barreled grenade launcher, belt-fed from a back-mounted frag/krak grenade feed. This is a direct-fire Terminator support weapon exclusive to Devastator doctrine.
  • Imperial Chainsword - A chainsword fit for a pea- normal human soldier, it lies between the new Chain Knife and the Chainsword in power. It's weight makes it a much more usable weapon for it's intended recipients. It is currently the only Guardsmen weapon included at this moment, and is a purchasable item that can be researched immediately after Imperial Operations.
These weapons have been tweaked in order to fit the rest of the weapons added.
  • Power Fist - Modified to be more effective against heavily armored targets, and less effective against unarmored targets. This was to give it a niche, instead of using it as a stepping stone to more advanced weapons.
  • Techmarine Servo-arm - Has been changed to have a melee attack that repairs the armor of allies it hits. It is less effective than the Omnissian Power Axe when repairing. It's melee attack can safely be described as a big, sloppy, angry power fist.
  • Master-crafted Chainsword - Stats have been made identical to it's standard counterpart, and then reduced TU usage to match the master-crafted scheme with the other mods.
  • Chaos Chainaxe - Accuracy has been reduced (and with the new melee weapons, you're going to need this nerf!)
  • Flamer - Slight weight increase to set it apart from the Hand Flamer, and now also does zero damage to the person wielding it.
  • Heavy Flamer - Also does no self harm to the person wielding it, so feel free to use it at assault range.
  • Storm Shield - Assault Terminators have had their armor reduced to standard Terminator values, and their shields function identically to Combat Shields, except with an enhanced protection value of 20%.
  • Thunder Hammer - Accuracy reduction, since this weapon now serves a different niche (heavy weapon, heavy damage)
  • Voss Pattern Lasgun - When equipped to the hands, the stock now folds out. This is a graphical change only.
Combi weapons are rare finds in random missions. When the game rolls up special loot on missions, and it rolls for a special boltgun, it has a chance to add one of these weapons instead of a Boltgun.
  • Combi-Flamer - Performs identically to a boltgun, with the addition of an attached flamer. The flamer performs the same as a normal flamer, except it takes a new "small fuel" item as ammunition. This limits it to 3 uses.
  • Combi-Plasma - It's a boltgun but with a plasma attachment. The plasma attachment performs identically to a plasma gun snap shot. It uses a plasma pistol charge for ammunition, limiting it to 6 shots, but keeping the same power as a plasma gun.
  • Combi-Melta - Unlike the first two combi weapons, this is a combination of a Meltagun and a boltpistol. It performs identically to both a melta gun and a bolt pistol, although it is a two-handed weapon.
  • Combi-Grav - A Grav Gun combined with a boltpistol.
Additional Chaos melee weapons have been added. I feel that the increased variety makes missions against melee-centric forces a little deeper in the mid/late game, since you have to consider how to meet their charges a little more wisely, and adjust your target priorities. Some forces also employee new occasional melee variants, and high-rank foes have a more dangerous lineup of rare daemon weapons.
  • Chaos Combat Knife - Slightly stronger than the standard combat knife. This weapon appears amongst cultists and traitor guardsmen.
  • Chaos Chainsword - Slightly weaker and faster than the Chainaxe. There is a small chance for Traitor Marines to spawn with this weapon (and a pistol). Khorne Berzerkers rarely field this weapon, and Raptors field them heavily.
  • Chaos Power Sword - Although this weapon already existed, it has been adapted to the new Power Sword stats. In addition to it's old spawns, it now rarely appears amongst Chaos Raptors and Khorne Berzerkers, and is common amongst Chaos Raptor leadership.
  • Chaos Power Maul - A chaos variant of the new Power Maul, this weapon has a chance to appear amongst melee Traitor Marines and Chaos Raptors.
  • Dark Blade - A high-power Power Sword variant, this daemon weapon is a very rare spawn amongst Chaos Raptor commanders.
  • Infected Knife - A combat knife variant that can inflict plague, appearing with pistol-wielding Plague Sisters and early game melee Plague Marines.
  • Plague Knife - The middle ground between the Infected Knife and the Plaguesword, Plague Marines have a chance to spawn with this plague-inducing daemon weapon.
  • Plaguesword - Redesign of the Plaguebearer weapon, melee Plague Marines have a small chance of upgrading to this weapon.
  • Manreaper - A very heavy (and dangerous) Power Scythe that might be wielded by Plague Terminators.
  • Chaos Power Axe - A variant of the new Power Axe weapon, occasionally wielded by Khorne Berzerkers.
  • Chaos Chainglaive - A two-handed chain weapon that eats unarmored infantry alive. Has a 50% first-attack bonus. Sometimes wielded by Khorne Berzerkers.
  • Axe of Khorne - A two-handed power weapon that rarely appears amongst Khorne Berzerkers.
  • Blissgiver - A short, curved sword that additionally inflicts high stun. Expect this to be wielded by Slaanesh Sisters.
  • Ritual Dagger - A power dagger that leeches the life of it's target. It can appear with Rubric Sisters or Sorcerers.
  • Sorcerer's Sword - A force weapon that, unlike the Imperial variants, doesn't cast spells. Instead, it's damage scaling is improved. Appears amongst Sorcerers.
There are some unused weapons in this pack, which are supposed to be Relic weapons. I had plans for these items which currently aren't implemented, but the weapons can still be viewed in the battle mode.
  • Volkite Charger - A weapon perfectly preserved from the days of Legions.
  • Blade of Ultramar - An incredibly well-made Power Gladius.
Let me know if anything is broken, busted, destroyed, or otherwise fails to function. Feel free to use this however you wish.

Change Log:
Fixed crash I introduced to Chainaxe, Gladius, Astartes Combat Blade, and Chain Knife research
Fixed bug causing melee strength script to apply to guns (whoops forgot those existed)
Fixed Chainaxe, Gladius, Astartes Combat Blade, and Chain Knife dependencies
Fixed Tzeentch Sorcerers not having the new loadout
Initial Release
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Re: [ADDON] "Melee" Weapon Pack (v1.1)
« Reply #1 on: September 28, 2019, 06:10:44 am »
as per discussed Firaa

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Re: [ADDON] "Melee" Weapon Pack (v1.12)
« Reply #2 on: September 28, 2019, 07:04:58 pm »
As per discussed again

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Re: [ADDON] "Melee" Weapon Pack (v1.12)
« Reply #3 on: September 29, 2019, 05:24:33 am »
Again Firaa as discussed, with test save games. File is password encrypted

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Re: [ADDON] "Melee" Weapon Pack (v1.12)
« Reply #4 on: October 04, 2019, 08:55:52 am »
Is it possible to use these in vanilla?

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Re: [ADDON] "Melee" Weapon Pack (v1.12)
« Reply #5 on: October 24, 2019, 12:00:52 am »
Is it possible to use these in vanilla?
I took a quick look at the mods .rul file and it appears to have a lot of values specific to the 40K mod.

If you wanted you could take the BigOb, FloorOb, HandOb images and then recode the weapons.rul so that all 40k related links (Like research, etc.) are reassigned to standard X-Com equivalents.

You will definitely need OXCE if the goal is to use the weapons in the same way as they operate in this mod. I'm seeing values attached to damageAlter: etc. These won't work in standard OpenXcom and require OXCE to function.

So in summary:
- If not used with 40k you will need to alter the .rul file.
- The original OpenXcom will not fully support all of the weapons fancier abilities.
- OXCE running X-Com: Enemy Unknown should be able to handle it provided you re-code the .rul files to not reference the 40k mod. (Example: Adjust meleeAnimation: meleeSound: meleeHitSound: )
- You will need to setup a way to either buy or manufacture the equipment in X-Com: Enemy Unknown or your soldiers will be unable to obtain it outside of the main menu's "New Battle" feature.

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Re: [ADDON] "Melee" Weapon Pack (v1.12)
« Reply #6 on: October 24, 2019, 12:52:16 am »
Is it possible to use these in vanilla?

The Martian is correct, with the short answer being yes, but it'd take a lot of work.