Author Topic: [DONE] [Suggestion] Modifier for morale loss (by unit/soldier type) when a unit  (Read 1956 times)

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Request by Solarius Scorch.

Examples of usage:
- do not lose morale when enemy destroys security cameras (implemented as friendly immobile units)
- "kill VIP missions"... by killing a VIP, decrease morale of other units to zero and force them all to surrender
- and so on...

Sample ruleset:

Code: [Select]
    moraleLossWhenKilled: 0        # default is 100%

Code: [Select]
    moraleLossWhenKilled: 5000        # 5000% should be enough to lower morale to zero for all units that don't have highest bravery

Details of how it works:

New attribute (moraleLossWhenKilled: 100 # default) to prevent/amplify morale loss on soldier type ruleset and on unit type ruleset

 - morale decrease of the murderer when his victim is killed in friendly fire (applies to all 3 factions)
 - morale decrease (for Player) when killing a civilian (Neutral)
 - morale decrease of the whole losing team (Player or Enemy), except 2x2 units

Not affected:
 - morale increase of the murderer when his victim is killed (not friendly fire)
 - morale increase (for Enemy) when killing a civilian (Neutral)
 - morale increase of the winning team (Player or Enemy)
 - morale decrease/increase of the victim when it gets hit
 - morale of 2x2 units... unless they are directly involved in the killing (=are the murderer)