Author Topic: [Sugestion] Replace "Allow manufacture" in sell screen with "NeededFor" in TTree  (Read 1339 times)

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I was thinking that could be an interesting and useful redesign to remove the manufacturing options for an item in the sell screen (The screen that says the item is needed to manufacture X, Y and Z), and move that to the tech tree viewer. So, each time you see an item in the tech tree, you can see like now, the tech associated, and in the end of that column, the thing were this item is required to manufacture/build/buy/etc.

An example. something like in image 2... The only thing is that maybe the tech viewer should be also an item viewer...
With that, you can see if the item is needed for a manufacturing project, build, or anything else, all in the same screen. And the buy/sell/transfer screen can reference to that screen or ufopaedia.

I hope I explained myself.