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Hello all,

I have just starting getting the same Assertion Error.  My save is heavily edited and I am not on the most current nightly so I am not asking for anyone to fully help but was wondering if anyone can just tell me what is/are some of the most common sources for this error.

I never had this error before until I attempted to splice a current save into a new start.  I copied existing bases, soldiers, items but left all the starting code below last base the same as new start.

The error only happens when I try to save a game upon a UFO detection. 

I can ignore it and continue playing fine and will only get the error if I try to save before the UFO is downed or destroyed.  I ran 2 more interception sequences and didn't get the error.  Now I have another and it is also firing if I try to save within a battle.

The error is always the exact same line of AlienMission.cpp. Line 623.

Here's the error:

Again this could simply be my own editing error so it is not worthy of a bug report but if anyone can just give me a nudge I would be thankful.

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One of the alien missions in your save (under "alienMissions:") is missing the "uniqueID" attribute...

... or something else.

Why don't you just attach the save ffs... are we supposed to guess blindly?
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My apologies, I felt this was an error of my own making and I didn't expect anyone to want to dig through my save.

is missing the "uniqueID" attribute

I was hoping for no more than what you provided which is just the pointer I need to dig through and look for it.

I have been using the wiki and forum search to learn for myself so I don't make extra work for the forum and again I'm sorry if I did anyway.

Here is the save that gets made even though the error throws and can be ignored to continue playing.  It also throws the error at load and can again be ignored to continue:

UPDATE: I may have found my own errors.  I made a new start as a template and re-pasted my modified later save.  Looking at the ID of several soldiers and especially crafts I found some duplicates.  I put all those back into numerical sequence as if they have been purchased/constructed and so far am not popping any errors after several intercepts and crashes.

I also left this set of starting game IDs as is whereas the first attempt I changed them to reflect what my last save game was at.  I haven't researched where those are generated and whether they increment.

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