Solarius Scorch's Gauss Mod Railgun Sprites (I haven't been playing my game with the Gauss Mod and other different mods i play including the Training Rooms mod a long while ago. >.>)
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XOps' Xeno Operations Hypervelocity Weapons (They just Coilguns, but their design look like Railguns tmo for a good reason. :) )
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Anyone else who makes railgun sprites
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Author Topic: [CLOSED]Which User-Made OXC Railgun Sprites are Better  (Read 1510 times)

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[CLOSED]Which User-Made OXC Railgun Sprites are Better
« on: July 02, 2018, 10:59:27 am »
I was just thinking about my thoughts on Railgun Weapon Sprites (Not Mag Weapon, Coilgun Weapon and Mass Driver Weapon sprites) from different mods.

Xeno Operations' Hypervelocity Weapon Sprites (No Craft and HWP cannon sprites) by XOps.
Someone said that mod might have Gauss Weapons (Coilguns or Magnetic), but i was thinking about my own Gauss Weapons having 4 tiers (Mag, Coilgun, Mass Driver and Railgun) instead of 1 and 2, like the final tier be Railguns.

I think imho i will be calling the Hypervelocity weapons be Railguns instead of Coilguns for a good reason.

Gauss Mod's Railgun Sprites by Solarius Scorch.
Yeah, i haven't been playing the Gauss Mod along with others mods including the Training Rooms mod as part of my 30 mod enabled campaigns for a while since i've moved myself from those to playing Total Conversions and Megamods + with mods as add-ons for them if they're compatible with it (I'll change my mind on playing 30 or any number of mods that are not TCs and MMs if like).

I remember advancing to Gauss (T1) instead of Lasers, but i keep killing too much aliens instead capturing live aliens after training my boring asshole soldiers. XD

I think what i want to do in the future is figure out which sprites i can use for my own Railguns for my mods.

I wonder how hard i can do styles of Scorch's Mod Railguns or XOps' Gauss Weapons. Might be hard work for me to do, might take months or years to handle unless i have helpful things like 3D modelling programs.  :-\

EDIT: Nobody voted. :( CLOSED
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