Author Topic: 40k Bug/crashes/problem´s report  (Read 8805 times)

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Re: 40k Bug/crashes/problem´s report
« Reply #150 on: May 04, 2019, 10:18:09 am »
Crash at start due to missing sound file. I used the 40k_noanims_020 route. I will try the full update now.

EDIT: Full update didnt have same issue. Earlier bug still occurred with trying to find waypoint in Indian Ocean for alien retaliation mission.

I have attached the game file. Mods implemented by myself which I doubt would cause the crash are stronger flares, addition of new armor, soldier stat changes.

Looking at attached file using Notepad++, Lines 8716 to 8724 (replicated below) refer to the bug

    region: STR_INDIAN_OCEAN
    race: STR_FLOATER
    nextWave: 0
    nextUfoCounter: 0
    spawnCountdown: 150
    liveUfos: 0
    uniqueID: 27
    missionSiteZone: -1

EDIT2: Changed region from Indian Ocean to Austrailiasia in file. So far so good - I could continue. I dont know the long term effects of my change but I could continue playing.
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