Author Topic: Weapons and Armor Rebalance  (Read 4885 times)

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Weapons and Armor Rebalance
« on: July 30, 2018, 04:03:42 pm »
Starting from some personal edits to weapons in my own campaign and iterating through to give some more useful tools for the Imperial Guard Operations mod, I've developed this rework for some of the weapons balance in the 40k mods.  As a disclaimer, I don't intend this to be a replacement to bulletdesigner's weapon design, more of a re-imagining of what can be done in the OXCE+ engine with these weapons.  The main changes I've made are:

  • Meltas use "shotgun pellets" with 0 spread to simulate a continuous beam and damage more armor, but need to reduce armor to almost 0 in order to do damage and they have shorter range plus a damage dropoff. The multi-melta has been made to fire two blasts instead of doing double damage and has longer range.
  • Bolter weapons that count as "double-barreled," the storm bolter and the assault bike weapon, fire twice instead of doing double HP damage.
  • The fire rate of the heavy bolter has been reduced so that the assault cannon can shine with a truly impressive rate-of-fire.
  • The sniper rifle AP rounds have been reduced in damage to make taking other weapons a more meaningful choice.
  • The shotguns have more pellets but do lower damage for each one, mostly so that the autoguns from the IG mod don't feel completely outclassed from the get-go.
  • Krakk rockets do more armor damage and ignore some armor, but have lower power.
  • Bayonets on Lasguns!
  • Almost all laser weapons now reduce the target's armor before doing damage like the melta (but not quite as good at it), but have lower power to compensate. Save for the lascannon, which is now the epitome of single-shot kill, but only has one shot per turn.
  • Pretty much all power armors can punch, not just the terminator armors.

When you install this mod, make sure it is lower on the list in your options screen than both the 40k mod and the Imperial Guard Operations mod, otherwise these changes will be overwritten and will do nothing for you.