Author Topic: Where can i do/make south/west/east jets for the Alien Interceptor UFO i've made  (Read 614 times)

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I was trying to make a version of the interceptor jets like an MCD from one of Hobbes' Area 51 MCDs (FACTORYD.MCD).

But the problem is, i looked at the FACTORYD mcds, and the West Engine Jets does look like the same color as the SKYRANGER Engine Jets.

Here's an image:

And here's two parts of an MCD (The other part of the PCK (entry 2) is having issues with the MCD, it is a UFO navigation with a north wall piece i did to look like)

And here's an image of the UFO jets too:

If you want to help me out here, find some PLANE MCDs that have north, south, west and east tiles.

Thanks in advance!
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