Author Topic: Nightly build Mac OSX showing as 1.0 - no mods working?  (Read 1179 times)

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Nightly build Mac OSX showing as 1.0 - no mods working?
« on: June 06, 2018, 06:48:31 pm »


Been a long time Xcom player on Windows, but changed to Mac.

I am now trying to get the nightly version to work and I am out of luck.

I downloaded the version from 21/3-2018 from -> This works very well on Mac OS 10.13.4!

1. The included mods are not working, I can activate them in teh options but they dont result in any change.
Trying the "new base layout, (Three hangers at top) and a new game still gives me the normal base layout - same for any other mod, none seems to be working.

-> Update: I had issues with my config-file, after clearing this out all works well.

2. In the splash screen it says 1.0 and not showing the date, as shown in videos on youtube.
-> Update: The splash screen does show version 1.0, but it is indead running nightly.

The Extended version located at:
does crashes for me when clicking thge button Advanced in the Options Menu.. But this is another bug!

So I am marking this resolved..
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