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J-Kuns Area 51 To-Do and To-Play List
« on: June 06, 2018, 03:12:25 am »
To-Do for Area 51:
1: No Save Scumming, keep save scum option off (Because i don't want to because of the whole "Save Scumming Denies the Long War experience" stuff from my real older brother, probably a 22 year old. :\ )
2: Probably do some practicing at least.
3: Read the whole Area 51 child board because i have to read, along with the UFOpedia articles and stuff.
4: Name my soldiers after Sailor Moon characters (Call by their Viz Dub actors' and actresses' names, like Stephanie, Kate, Cristina), Senran Kagura characters, Gears of War characters, Girls Und Panzer (GuP until i watch all of the GuP anime franchise) characters, Osmosis Jones and other characters from things i like most, including Inuyasha characters Hiten and Manten (Probably put the keyword "Hoe" for the SM, SK and GuP characters).
5: Obviously, afaik, name soldiers to the keyword "Reaver of (anything i can put on)" just like one of my important OXC people "The Reaver of Darkness".
6: Name characters after any of my favorite rappers (e.g: Ludacris, DMX, Method Man, Redman, etc)
7: Probably or possibly save building Alien Containment for any month where i can capture or kill Aliens because i want to (I get lazy for not building Alien Containments and base facilities where you can have live aliens).
8: Recommend misses and deaths, including mess-ups.
9: Grenades throws on Aliens. Smoke for cover. And Proxy-Smoke Trap on aliens (Most likely, when a proxy grenade explodes while there's some on the ground, the other proxy grenade gets destroyed).
10: Name soldiers to put each class name (like ASLT, SNIPE, GUNN, SCT, etc) in the beginning, depends on what items to give depending on strength, firing or stamina.
11: Starting Base has to built in the United States instead of EUR, Asia, Africa, Australia, Antarctica or Hawaii.
12: I recommend is a chance for defeats.
13: I think i'm running out of ideas in my head afaik.
To-Play on Area 51:
1: Play on Ironman, and just mess-up whatever i like.
2: Don't remember what advanced options i have on.
3: Play on OXCE+ with Nightly instead of regular OXC Nightly.
4: Test Attack Dogs and Training Room OXCE+ mods to see if they work (I would like a Training Room for my guys to handle problems)
5: Disable Music and listen to YouTube music (Like Q2, Duke3D or others)
6: Probably find the whole "Weapon -> Hit or Miss" thing or keybinding from Meridian (I was learning new keyboard binding controls)
7: Play it safe, like giving soldiers hiding places.
Soldier Class Names:
1: ASLT (Assault)
2: BOMB (Bomber)
3: DEMO (Demolitions Expert)
4: ENG (Engineer) (Well there's no "Repair/Heal HWPs" codes in OXC or OXCE+. Sorry! :( )
5: GRDR (Grenadier)
6: GRTH (Grenade Thrower)
7: GUNN (Gunner)
8: GUNS (Gunslinger)
9: HACK (Hacker) (Well there's no code involving hacking HWPs and robotic units similar to Psi Panic and Mind Control. Sorry! :( )
10: HVY (Heavy Weapons Specialist)
11: INF (Infantry)
12: MED (Medic)
13: MINE (Minethrower)
14: MINI (Minigunner)
15: RANG (Ranger)
16: RIFLE (Rifleman)
17: RKT (Rocketeer)
18: RUN (Runner)
19: SCT (Scout)
20: SNIPE (Sniper)
21: SUP (Support Specialist)
22: TECH (Technical)
23: TRAC (Tracker)
24: TRAP (Trapper)
Character Names List (Genders and Avatars):
Katsuragi-Hoe (F, Blonde Hair)
Asuka-Hoe (F. Brown Hair)
Ikaruga-Hoe (F, Asian)
Homura-Hoe (F, Asian)
Yomi-Hoe (F, Blonde Hair)
Daidouji-Hoe (F, Asian)
Stephanie Tsukino-Hoe (F, Blonde Hair)
Cristina Hino-Hoe (F, Asian)
Amanda Kino-Hoe (F, Brown Hair)
Cherami Aino-Hoe (F, Blonde Hair)
Cole Train (M, African)
Marcus Fenix (M, Asian)
Manten (M, Asian)
Hiten (M, Brown Hair)
The Reaver of Guns (Random Gender and Avatar)
The Reaver of Hoes (Random Gender and Avatar)
The Reaver of Chaos (Random Gender and Avatar)
The Reaver of Lads (Random Gender and Avatar)
More names will be soon after editing the OP

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