Author Topic: Major idea: Milk on the stove  (Read 2330 times)

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Major idea: Milk on the stove
« on: November 07, 2017, 05:16:12 pm »
I love Bug hunt and Surrender idea, that makes the game more fast paced. But I would like to simplify and speed up the Hit and run tactics: land, shoot some nearby enemies, grab their stuff and fly away. Or make it to the church money-box and then disappear. The loot seizing process is really tedious. You have to pick up all the items manually (to the last small credit chip), take them to your ship, drop them, sometimes do it several times, and then fly away. I would like to have option to make haste extraction with the actual loot, or even better with the loot (even wounded gals and stunned enemies) lying on the ground where my conscious gals are actually standing.
I know it can not be done without changing the code.
There should be some prerequisites, off course. These are the my ideas:
  • The mission allows, or doesn’t disallow quick extraction.
  • No gal can detect any enemy.
  • No enemy can detect any of your gal.
  • The quick extraction is possible only on the start of the new round.
Ad 1) Sometimes the quick extraction doesn’t make sense. For example when you are assaulting enemy base or mansion, defending your own base, etc.
Ad 2 and/or 3) You should be able to make quick escape only in safe condition. It makes smoke grenades, night missions and camouflage more useful.
Ad 3) This condition gives away presence of nearby enemies. Maybe this is not ok.
Ad 4) No moving and fighting allowed during the quick escape.
Do you find this idea interesting, useful and engine possible?

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Re: Major idea: Milk on the stove
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2017, 05:23:50 am »
TBH the process should be somewhat tedious like IRL you aren't gonna walk away with power generators when in the middle of a fire fight. But I do believe looting takes too much time. It's hard wired though I believe, and it done also for balancing purposes. But IRL taking 20 bottles off the ground and running home doesn't take that long.

Perhaps the pick up AP for some items could just be reduced to 0 or 1. Like for chips.

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Re: Major idea: Milk on the stove
« Reply #2 on: November 08, 2017, 09:53:05 am »
Maybe the pick-up TU-usage could be balanced around the weight and size of the object?
1x1 items at least 1 TU, 2x3 the basic 14 TU?

This change would be useful for armors decreasing your max. TUs and allow easier and faster usage of things like field-surgery kits and nan-surgery kits since you got more TU's left after a pickup to treat one additional fatal wound for example.