Author Topic: [OXCE] XCOM Multimod  (Read 5629 times)

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Re: [OXCE] XCOM Multimod
« Reply #75 on: February 28, 2021, 11:08:47 am »
fraking kidding me? 50+ hits with heavy plasma didnt kill it

That seems to be intentional. You should be using (heavy) lasers instead. That's why I brought them together with high explosives to Cydonia.


70 Front
60 Sides
50 Rear
50 Under

  80% Plasma
150% Laser
  60% Explosive

Heavy Plasma 64 flat => 80% * 64 = 51
Heavy Laser 52 flat => 150% * 52 = 78
High Explosive 200 flat => 60% * 200 = 120

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Re: [OXCE] XCOM Multimod
« Reply #76 on: March 01, 2021, 06:18:40 am »
Because blind firing was hardly possible (40% no-sight penalty multiplier) the sniper-esque weapons were further devalued.

I've never liked how intense modders generally make the no sight penalty.
Your average map in this game (aside from terror missions and large craft + etc) are so small that the soldier would have to have impaired vision to not be able to see across the whole thing.

It makes sense that they'd have to get closer to spot an enemy, as they're likely trying to use cover/hide from you.
But once your scout calls the position out, they're like <70 ft away. There's no way you can't see them.

And it just shouldn't be a thing for sniper rifles cause they have scopes.

If the map is big enough, I'm fine with aim penalties applying when you get to like 30 tiles away or something, but that's plenty in my opinion.

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Re: [OXCE] XCOM Multimod
« Reply #77 on: March 01, 2021, 10:52:29 pm »
I agree with having a "no-sight" penalty, but 40% is excessive.  75% is sufficient, and covers things like smoke obscuring the LoS or so forth, keeping you from a clean shot.  You can even set max aim range on more weapons if you really didn't like long range fire.