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Possible map types
« on: August 25, 2012, 01:47:14 pm »
Well for some time i have been pondering possible new map types to increase the variety in game, below is a short list of some things i have been thinking about but i would like to hear other peoples suggestions also .

 Please note this is not a list of maps i will be making ( as i would be 60 when i actually finished), i would hope as the modding community here grows that others may be inspired by these and take it upon them selves to start creating the required art assets.

Arid farmland ( think Australian Outback)
Asian Farming land
Deciduous Forests
Regional Citys - Snow citys , Dessert city , slums , rural towns
Volcanic Mountain ranges
Ancient world location - Egyption Temples, Roman buildings Etc

Some of the below may fall into some sort of special missions, maybe they replace the terror site for a month, maybe there just extras i will let you think about that for yourself, my thought are if i was The Brain,  i would attack more than just a few Civilians in a small city , maybe do something that will actually Hurt a countries economy and ability to defend itself.

Power station
Oil Fields
Above Ground Mining Site /Quarries
Stock market
Research Centres
Government Buildings - UN
Army Bases
Transport depots (rail)

Some other Alien things i would like to see is:
Different Alien bases depend on Race , Conning facilities , prison cells, Human/Alien co-habitation bases etc
Expanded MARS missions
Expended UFO layouts ( Obviously as i am working on them already)

For some of these locations there is already some work done ( Some of Hobbes work covers several of these items).
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