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Alien Lockdown
« on: August 11, 2017, 04:47:14 am »
#Alien Lockdown Mod by SteamXCOM

New in ver 1.1
--AlienLockDown - AllDoors  (All UFO and base doors sealed)
--AlienLockDown - OuterDoorsOnly  (Outer UFO doors sealed only)
--AlienLockDown - InnerDoorsOnly  (Inner UFO and Base doors sealed only)
--Blind AlienLockdown (you do not know ahead of time which set of doors have been sealed)

--Why do I need this?

If you find yourself killing all the aliens before you storm their UFO, you may wish to use this mod.
At a certain point in the game, it is quite possible ALL the aliens will exist their craft giving you no reason or even chance to go inside before the end mission screen.

--What it does.

Seals all doors of the alien vessel keeping the aliens inside their ship.  They are free to move around their compartments, but cannot open any doors.  This makes sense since your appearance, they declared LOCKDOWN to make it difficult for your soldiers to wander freely around their ship causing trouble.

--How do I...

The High explosive has been upgraded to be strong enough to blow the outer doors. Be sure to carry at least 1 HiEx package aboard your craft or you will not be able to get into their ship.  The outside door has been marked with a horizontal metallic bar so you can find it and also know at a glance if the mod has been activated.   The inner doors are sealed too, however; they are much weaker and grenades, lasers, heavy hand cannons and other weapons can break them.

--What else do I need to know?

The mod alters the UFO tiles that control the doors.  They are shared by the alien base thus if activated the doors of the alien bases will be sealed as well.  If you are killing /captureing all the aliens before you had the chance to explore the upper levels of the base, this mod may well be for you.  Otherwise you can deactivate it for those missions and reactivate for UFO ground assault missions.

--is it compatible with mod "whatever"

If you are using another UFO only mod such as "Darkened UFOs " which changes ALL UFOs, to get the Alien LockDown effect, you MUST load this mod below "Darkened UFOs."  I use "Alien LockDown" with that mod and am seeing UFO interiors I would never have otherwise.

The mod alters the UFO tiles that control the alien doors. If that mod uses the UFO tilesets that control the doors in other map types  besides UFO's and alien bases you could cause an undesirable  Alien LockDown effect there.  You should load "Alien LockDown" above the mod in question.

--I liked the fact that the aliens would suddenly come out of a door unexpectedly.

The mod can be activated and deactivated multiple times during the tactical mission, though you may wish to explore Blind AlienLockdown:

--What is Blind AlienLockdown?

This is a method to activate the mod without knowing which version you have actually activated until you are in mission.

In the folder BlindAlienLockdown there are the mods:

BlindAlienLockDown ---------------------   AllDoors
BlindAlienLockDown ---------------------   AllDoors02
BlindAlienLockDown  ---------------------- InnerDoorsOnly
BlindAlienLockDown  ---------------------- InnerDoorsOnly02
BlindAlienLockDown  ---------------------- NoDoors
BlindAlienLockDown  ---------------------- OuterDoorsOnly
BlindAlienLockDown  ---------------------- OuterDoorsOnly02

Each is a mod with the described characteristics.
--Put all in your mod folder.  You should only be able to see "BlindAlienLockDown ----" as the rest displays offscreen and you do not know which mod it is exactly until you are in mission. In the MOD screen you will only be able to see "BlindAlien LockDown."
--Use the up and down arrows to scramble the list further in the options>mods of OpenXcom
Before you begin a tactical mission
-- roll one 6 sided die raided from your old Monopoly game.
--Count down from the top of the "Blind AlienLockDown" group that many numbers
--and activate the mod
--and move it to the bottom of the list. 
--Load your save and play the game!

You can create additional clones of each mod renaming the folder slightly to vary randomness chances.

Version 1.1
Added variations including Blind Alien Lockdown

Version 1.0
Initial release


Xtract the .zip file into your user/mod directory of OpenXCOM

Run OpenXCOM go to options>mods and select
ONE of the following to activate:
-AlienLockDown - AllDoors 
-AlienLockDown - OuterDoorsOnly 
-AlienLockDown - InnerDoorsOnly 

For Blind AlienLockdown open the "BlindAlienLockDown" folder; copy all mods into the modfolder and select one at random to activate

Be sure to place mod BELOW any UFO mods such as DARKENED UFOs.

Check here for where your MOD folder might be at if you do not know:

Please give credit for any use of this file.

This mod in part or in whole may be used as part of any other mod.

Download for Alien Lockdown 1.1 at bottom of all screenshots:
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