Author Topic: [UFO]&[TFTD][Beta?]Hybrid Mod for UFO enemy unknown and TFTD.  (Read 5212 times)

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Re: [UFO]&[TFTD][Beta?]Hybrid Mod for UFO enemy unknown and TFTD.
« Reply #45 on: August 31, 2020, 01:05:18 pm »
Currently, due to technical limitation of OXCE, Starting Condition and enviroeffect from primary mod cannot be carry over to expansion, there is a lot more work needing to be done to ensure compatibility.

For other people potentially reading this:

1. it's not a technical limitation, it's a deliberate design decision
2. it's also not only about starting conditions and enviro effects, every other list-based attribute works exactly the same way
3. OXCE added support to make manual merging easier, but it's still fully manual effort and manual decisions, see also:,6586.msg127524.html#msg127524,6586.msg128914.html#msg128914


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Re: [UFO]&[TFTD][Beta?]Hybrid Mod for UFO enemy unknown and TFTD.
« Reply #46 on: September 02, 2020, 09:54:41 am »
Version 2.9 is now complete. Under going testing.

For the sea hangers, Aliens would land on the Oil Rig looking like structure, then make their way down to the XCom base
underwater. Please note no alien units can walk on the sea bed underneath of the water. The Oil rig like structure is indestructible.

This feature will finally give XCom sea bases, to have aircraft for interception against ufos.

Aliens terror units deployment for each TFTD Alien race, with the addition of Triscene, will finally match the exact composition just like those from vanilla TFTD.
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Re: [UFO]&[TFTD][Beta?]Hybrid Mod for UFO enemy unknown and TFTD.
« Reply #47 on: September 05, 2020, 07:03:00 pm »
Conversion update. 6/09/20

I have finally solved the problem with starting condition and enviroEffects not able to carry over to expansion.

Conversion and compatibility of TWOTs and FMP with Hybrid mod ver 2.9 continue to progress well. Most issues have been solved.

The final to do list are.

-Facilities from both expansion has to be compatible to those from Hybrid mod.
-Items for FMP and TWOTs, need to be review and sort out  for land or sea weapons.
-Ufos from TWOTs and FMP need underwater Alien deployments with new matching Starting conditions and Eviroeffects
-Research needing final review for both FMP, TWOTs.

If I have two week of free time, those problem would be hacked out easy. So, this is a two months job.

After the conversion, the only thing left would be balancing. These are mods from 3 different megamods. Nord's TWOTs, Solarius FMP and Reaver's Faithful. 3 different authors with 3 different interpretation to balancing on UFO and TFTD. It will be an interesting combo.

I am just a conversion modder not a balancing modder. So the job would be left to others.

Art Conversion for TWOTs is almost 80% complete to UFO pals. Thanks to 8charlim and his hard work.
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