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Geoscape AI
« on: August 17, 2012, 03:01:02 pm »
Okay, i'll try to provide with geoscape mission info:

table geoLocation 12zone X 6stage X 10areas [lon,lat,width,height]
table missionRace 5progress_stage X 7mission_num X 10races [sect/snake/ether/muton/float]
table alienMissions 8acts X 8ufo_num [craft_type,number_of_ufo,trajectory_type,spawn_timer]
table trajectories 10trajectories [8waypoint_sites, 8altitudes, 8speeds, ground_timer]
table crews_55craft_aliens [craft_type, alien_type, alien_cnt_easy, alien_cnt_medium, alien_cnt_hard, alien_cnt_rnd, scout_percent, 5items_easy,5items_medium,5items_hard]
table 39aliens_types [race, rank, every stat]

to be continued...