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My experiments.
« on: May 11, 2017, 11:44:59 pm »
A lot of mods. I do not even remember which ones. In order not to offend their authors, fashion is a collective mode. Mod for UFO and TFTD at the same time.

For all the mistakes - Comrades, I myself do not understand how I did it. But it turned out! The very fact of that, causes me to sweep. Write of course, but not the fact that I will react quickly.

- Language - only Russian.
- In stock [OXCE +] 2017-05-10
- In the beginning, intercept the UFO as a link of interceptors. Alone - they can bring down.
- All the crafts requires fuel. Ordinary on sale from the start.
- Pilots - only for interceptors.
- Infiltration is disabled.
- UFO - started with the third month - at the beginning of the terror. As in TFTD, saving \ loading does not help.

Those who know Russian and English - I think the public will be grateful for the translation. I myself will not dare. After the ridiculous translation of Fallout 2, I was urged to do it no longer. Especially translate from Russian into English.

Officially I authorize the use of these resources in your modifications. Any of my ideas are yours.