Author Topic: Change to Reaver's Tanks - new idea for tanks  (Read 716 times)

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Change to Reaver's Tanks - new idea for tanks
« on: September 07, 2017, 09:09:42 am »
I'm interested in hearing opinions from all you tank lovers out there, especially anyone who plays using my tank mod. I had a thought for changing the layout of the tanks. It would be a pretty radical change but I think it might improve them overall, so I'd like to hear your guys' thoughts on the matter.

Here's the current tank type setup from both my older standalone mod and my current setup from the megamod:

Original Tank Setup
Guardian Tank
 - Higher armor and health, armor is more even on all sides
 - Lower time units, reactions, and accuracy
 - Weapon has lower damage
 - Higher price

Battle Tank
 - Same attributes as vanilla tank except slightly improved reactions
 - Weapon damage improved a bit in some cases

Assault Tank
 - Lower armor and health, armor is more concentrated toward the front
 - Higher time units, reactions, and accuracy
 - Weapon has very high damage
 - Lower price

The new tank setup would involve primarily changing the battle tank by decreasing its damage while increasing its rate of fire, to move it from where it currently stands as a mediocre armor penetrator, toward being a weapon good at taking down the smaller aliens quickly. It would have damage similar to the guardian tank but much better rate of fire and accuracy. I'd leave the assault tank where it is now and possibly change the guardian tank just a bit. I want to make it even less effective as a gunnery platform by decreasing its snap shot accuracy, so it can still cause damage up close, and maybe I'd increase its aimed shot TU cost to justify giving it a decent accuracy.

So I want to hear your guys' thoughts on the change, whether you think it's an improvement or not, or any other suggestions you might have for my tanks. This is one of my oldest modding strategies--I've had the same tank strategy since before I even started using OpenXcom, and I think it's finally time I give it an overhaul.

edit: I've been thinking about it and I think it might not be such a great idea to have a tank that's good at fighting smaller aliens. That's what soldiers already do best. It seems like it could wind up being feature bloat more than anything. The cool aspect of the battle tank is that it is both heavily armored and powerful/armor penetrating at the same time. But what do you guys think?

edit: Another reason to make the change would be so that the laser battle tank could require automatic lasers rather than heavy lasers (which the assault tank requires) and thus spread out the laser tech a bit.
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