It will be a cool idea to have guns that fire shurikens
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It will be a silly idea (Because i want to make this idea for my XCOM RONIN faction for a future TC mod for OXC)
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Might've been harder science with Japanese things to Sci-Fi and XCOM O~O?
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Probably a too worst idea to make for sci-fi, especially in your own Japanese themed sci-fi fan works inside or outside of Japan
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Author Topic: Anybody interested in Sci-Fi Guns that shoot ninja stars (shuriken)?  (Read 940 times)

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When i was middle of looking at a concept of gun that shoots Japanese throwing ninja stars (aka. shuriken) on Artstation days go (It was made for a VR Only Game called Sairento VR).

I was wanting that idea for my own "buyable mercenaries via contract" RONIN faction for OXCE+ (similar to robin's Apoc Mod for UFO94 on the OXC/OXCE+ engine) so you can be able to get "Shuriken and Stinger Weapons", but i feel like would like some learning on what sizes is a shuriken (Japanese throwing ninja star) disc/star is. I remembered from reddit people days ago saying that the Shuriken are "2.0 inches ≈ 5.1 centimetres 1 inch = 2.54cm" meaning they might be small or medium or not (I dunno what 40k Eldar Shuriken sizes are unless i might learn so or not).

My idea about Shuriken Guns in XCOM and Sci-Fi fandom (Like Starcraft Fandom, Sonic the Hedgehog Fandom and any other sci-fi franchise can have their own fandoms or not), is make it similar to the Unreal series' Razorjack and Ripper Gun, along with X-COM Enforcer 2001's Blade Launcher gun unless they bounce or not depending on different ammo types for Shuriken guns (UFOpaedia and other XCOM and sci-fi sites do not have info for the Interceptor and Enforcer games' aliens, crafts/vehicles, weapons, power-ups, enemies and et cetera. :( ).

But problem is, Shuriken Weapons tier and tech do not allow shotguns, machine guns/pistols, marksman rifles, sniper rifles and other automatic based weapons excluding the Shuriken Cannon (Not Eldar Shuriken Cannon from WH40k. An Shuriken Cannon for OXC mods and other mods for XCOM games that fires Japanese ninja stars than Eldar shuriken) fire three shuriken discs in auto-shot mode (just like vanilla auto cannon and heavy plasma).

Here's what my list for the idea would be (Some stuff from my future plans are excluded to this list excluding compact pistols, heavy pistols, carbines and battle rifles) are;
Compact Shuriken Pistol (Compact Pistol/Light Pistol)
Shuriken Pistol (Pistol)
Heavy Shuriken Pistol (Magnum/Heavy Pistol)
Shuriken Carbine (Carbine)
Shuriken Rifle (Rifle)
Heavy Shuriken Rifle (Battle Rifle/Heavy Rifle)
Shuriken Cannon (HC/AC)
Throwable Shuriken (Throwing Weapon. Can sometimes do a melee kill whenever the user's in close combat situations)
Tank/HWP Shuriken Cannon (Tank/HWP Cannon/Auto Cannon) (Tank/HWP Only)
Shuriken Grenade (Grenade. A type of grenade with shuriken blades on the sides, make it like a spinning boomerang grenade with blades. :D)
Craft Shuriken Cannon (Craft Cannon) (Craft Only)

If anybody like Reaver or any XPiratez fans (fans who like x-piratez nudity and sexual contents) would like this idea of guns that fire ninja stars (shuriken), vote here if it's a cool or silly idea to think of imo.
If you guys don't like it, just ignore this thread.  :P

Besides, i'd never played XPiratez (Well not the older versions, but the newer versions because they're better. There's also no videos involving playthroughs of the newest version of XPz on YT for me to watch, especially Meridian's and IvanDGV's playthroughs involving older versions of XPz) because it's a huge TC, but i'll have thoughts on playing XPz or XCFs maybe at October or December or January if i can do thread on there after reading XPiratez's main huge thread and see what thoughts i can handle on. :)

Thanks y'all! :D ~J-Kun FeruEnzeru
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