Author Topic: [SUPPLEMENTAL MODS] Statstring, Daytime/Nighttime, Two Skyrangers  (Read 7140 times)

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Some small supplemental Mods I made, for people who like to have them:

 - HM_XcomUtil_Always_Daytime: Forces all Missions in Hardmode Expansion to be Daytime always
 - HM_XcomUtil_Always_Nighttime: Forces all Missions in Hardmode Expansion to be Nighttime always
 - Screening Statsstrings: My statstrings for Soldierscreening and rolechanging
 - HM_Two_Skyranger_Start: Replace one of your starting Interceptors with a second Skyranger and Troop Equipment.

- HM_Scout_Drone: Adapted and adjusted Version of the Scout Drone Mod Scout Drones are integrated in Hardmode Expansion. There is a seperate standalone mod called Support Drones, located here

Fell free to use those as you see fit :)
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