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Precentor Apollyon's wishlist
« on: October 16, 2019, 12:58:25 pm »
If I may include some extra ones.

1) Craft uses base facilities that's assign to them.  Like requiresBuyBaseFunc, I am proposing to Meridian something like requiresServiceBaseFunc. The craft can uses hanger facility like 1x1 and underwater type. You use graphic editor to trim the size of aircraft to fit the hanger if necessary. The benefit from this is, just think of the space you free up in your base for other facilities. I know Yankes is working on this, but has been two years.

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Re: Precentor Apollyon's wishlist
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3) Organised soldiers into small units with a given name. I found if you have too many soldiers sharing different craft in a base can be a headache. How about organized them into units and then you can pull up and down for each different units for simplicity sake and you can assign whole units to craft. Unit can be 3 to 6+ insize and can be subdivided into smaller units?   

Say you have 50 soldiers in your base. You have to go through each one and assigned them to different craft. Why not split the 50 soldiers into 5 Units

Units can be say

1) The Swat team.
2) The Fire team
3) The Delta team
4) The Green team

Each unit have sub-units of 2 to 5 for example.

1) Swat team.

Section 1 -  2 men.
Section 2 -  3 men

This way, you can split the 50 men into teams. Each team can be expand out or collapse for visibility sake.

From my example screen shot below.  This is a roster of 13 Soldiers.

Imagine having 50 soldiers + sharing a base. If there is a way to organize them into units with expandable and collapsible windows. Just to organize them properly.

Like my Wolf Dragoon unit. Unit can be assign to a craft, or split into two + more craft. Notice I use customize ranks on the unit that doesn't follow the conventional ones available.

Best way to implement this is use the current rank column, remove it and replace it with a unit column. This Column can be adjusted to have sub units from main units.  The ranks can be either replace by a smaller and narrower column using Short Alphabets to ID the representative ranks.
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Re: Precentor Apollyon's wishlist
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I noticed the previous topic was locked (whoever did it, left no notice as for reason for locking, neither signature, which is a breach of good moderating practice).
So I post it here:
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Re: Precentor Apollyon's wishlist
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Was locked by me.
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