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[TFTD] Poet's TFTD LP Mods
« on: December 16, 2016, 10:59:34 pm »
So, I totally forgot to post these up after the LP was done but Ohartenstein kindly reminded me to do so:

First up - Colored Armor Mod:

Adds 3 additional colored armors for soldier organization - they don't offer any other benefits.

Second - Updated Gauss Mod:

The idea behind this one is, like every other Gauss Arsenal, to make it actually useful.  Instead of tweaking enemy Gauss resistances, I decided to take a two-tier approach.  Initial Gauss level damage is not changed, but I made them act like long-range shotguns... and I made the Heavy Gauss like the Heavy Machineguns prevalent in the other mods.  High ROF, High TU cost, no Snaps.   Tier 2 Gauss ammo removes / reduces the fragments, but gives them near Sonic damage.   Again, enemies still have the same Gauss resistance, so shot per shot, they do less damage.  That said, the Gauss Pistol becomes an extremely useful lategame weapon for off-hand use and your Ion Armor is still 99% immune to it, so you can give it to your low MC Strength troops.  Tier 2 ammo also requires requisite sonic ammo research.

I also modified the Heavy Thermic Lance to work as a wall-breaching weapon.  It has a firearm range of 1 - which means it can trigger reaction fire from anyone that that survives it's attack AND enemies have no problem using on your troops and tanks hovering 1-tile off the ground.  But it can also cut through USO hulls about 75% of the time.

I tried to make these powerful enough so that you'd use them at end-game, but not so good that they over-shadow sonic weapons.

Third - Zrbite Flares

Simple mod - mid-game extra-large flares.  Have a 50% larger light radius than chemical flares.  Require Sonic Pulsars to create.  Also, they're purple.  Did you know that there is absolutely zero consistency between flare's UFOpaedia picture, their bigobs, and their floorobs?   :D

Finally - Extra Explosions

This is originally Arthanors mod that I just added TFTD underwater explosions to.   This mod works for UFO, TFTD, and I've added missing stuff from FMP as well.  There's some mono-pallete group files in here if you want to color your own as well.

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Updated the armor mod to remove the manufacturing requirement.   That gets rid of a lot of tedium!
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Re: [TFTD] Poet's TFTD LP Mods
« Reply #1 on: December 17, 2016, 06:16:51 am »
Thanks again for posting this stuff Poet!  I really like the idea of making Gauss rounds frangible, it's an interesting take on the style of weapons.  I had an similar idea for rebalancing Gauss using OXCE+ features, also making it generally more powerful at short range; since the original in-game text described the projectiles as streams of anti-protons, I thought that the beam would dissipate quickly through interactions with matter, quickly losing power over distance past a certain point, even more so in the water.  Bumping up the weapon damage while giving it a power dropoff after a certain distance would make Gauss better when you can close the distance to mid-range or closer, but still leave sonic weapons in their role as sniping guns.