Author Topic: [FINISHED] Let's play TFTD Ironman with a french guy  (Read 40107 times)

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Re: [FINISHED] Let's play TFTD Ironman with a french guy
« Reply #90 on: July 05, 2018, 01:30:27 pm »
Always glad to hear that the accent is okay, it's particularly difficult to speak in English because there is a lot in common that is not quite the same. For example, I'm really struggling to say "grenade" because it's the same word in French.

What is really good about x-com that it allows you to "fail forward" as you may not complete the battlescape objective but still progress in the global strategy. That why even if we have some missions going badly, you can go on. That's why ironman feels right.

Quite frankly the only thing I did not like in TFTD was the copious amount of psy attacks from the aliens (and the obtuse research but that's because there is no clue anywhere in the game). I would guess going into the advanced options and activating "Psy requires line of sight" would make it a lot better. Otherwise, I appreciate that it tried to not make weapons and aliens all upgrades of each other and added variety to the approach to combat. The game looks a lot better than UFO Defense too.

That said, now I know the game inside out and I feel that there is little more for me to do. With the exception of mods like X-Piratez, I feel that I've seen it all now for both UFO and TFTD.

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Re: [FINISHED] Let's play TFTD Ironman with a french guy
« Reply #91 on: July 06, 2018, 09:06:26 pm »
I'm struggling with my French accent. The two languages share so many words yet use way different accents. It's nice to hear your French accent as a way of learning how to speak French.

I do love how X-Com allows you to exist past a fail state. I hate games that force you to re-load every 5 seconds because you didn't mash buttons in the exact right pattern or fast enough. Quick-time events are one of the worst forms of gaming; X-Com is up there with the best of them. I still don't like Ironman because every once in a while the buggy battlescape physics causes me problems. I'm getting really good at expecting them before I walk into the problem headfirst, but still sometimes soldiers can't hit a target because of a quirk of their position relative to the target, or the hitbox is extremely different from the graphic, etc.

I hate the psi attacks too. It was so much worse in UFO with the ethereals. In TFTD it's nice that the strongest psi aliens are weaker, but sucks that they are also more common. In UFO you can choose to assault bases that don't have ethereals, but in TFTD every base has tasoths. I always liked being able to psi-control through walls, and psi line of fire just doesn't seem right to me, so instead in my mod I reduced "memory" attribute of psi aliens to 0. There's a bug in which 0 counts as 1, but basically how it works is if the aliens control your soldier, they can attempt control the next turn. But if they don't see the soldier for a whole turn, they can no longer attempt control until they can see that soldier again. It's only fair, right? We have to see them again every turn, but in vanilla they only have to see us once.

If you're interested in taking on something a bit new, I've been trying to get someone to do a let's play of my own mod. It's almost like a total conversion; it feels a lot like the original game and all of the things should be familiar and intuitive to you, however there's lots of new content and it's all rebalanced in a way that makes a lot more sense from a gameplay perspective. I've done plenty of playtesting myself so I know it's very playable, but there can be bugs I won't notice until someone else tries it out. I bet my mod would be less frustrating to play on ironman than the original game is.