Author Topic: [OXCE] Retarded Not-Vanilla Balance Screwing Mod  (Read 2630 times)

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[OXCE] Retarded Not-Vanilla Balance Screwing Mod
« on: March 29, 2016, 03:49:23 am »
attn: OXCE or OXCE+ required thx

!! NOTHING NEW !! .. And yet, is that so?:

Things usually don't die in one shot.
Coincidentally, most weapons are faster now. (Mostly rifles and especially pistols)
Pistols suck against armored opponents (they're good at killing less armored foes), rifles are generally OK while heavy weapons do not all that much more damage but ignore some armor.
- in case i wasn't clear, then pistols are actually really good weapons now - it's just that you'll want some rifles/heavy artillery to back the pistol guys up on non-floater terror missions

Rockets are really stronk; small rockets do a lot of damage and come in clips of 2, but go through 1.6x the armor of the target, while large rockets obliterate armor just for that occasion.
Incendiary is really good and even causes morale damage.
Most aliens have shittier bravery so that you can set them ablaze and watch them go nuts.

incendiary rockets are fucking cray-cray and make everything but the spookiest spooks go nuts

ARMOR IS REALLY GOOD (although you'll still take damage lol suck it)

oh and lasers are weird things that stun stuff more than they kill things (tip: might wanna not go heavy on lasers against snakeman terror, or you could)

People you recruit are usually good and can become really good pretty easily;

Fortunately they're both really expensive (soldiers are 90k a pop lol) and the fact that you're gonna be taking damage quite a bit (aliens fire faster and have more TUs too, you know)

means that you'll enjoy this sight.

you can enjoy figuring the rest out, since i did leave some minor Interesting details out

this is just something i threw together over the last two days (in fact i only just put the last touches as i wrote this thread, so it's not even properly tested), so don't expect it to be perfectly balanced or anything lol
i mean i haven't even modified the descriptions hahahaha
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