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Sorry that my progress for MVII Vanilla UFO map node weakspot learning with Converting TFTD to UFO map node data interrupted by errors with bugged and broken TFTD maps. :(

I would like to do more work, but now i feel angry about vanilla TFTD map node errors (That i showed kevL about).

Anywho, i am implementing something for me to add as part of my plans for re-making my old maps from January to April 2018.

I am going to be making open-able and close-able glass or energy cockpits (south, east, north and west. can't do diagonal doors because of eight-turn and diagonal maps not work with tile system last March which is kinda sucks and boring for me) for my Alien Interceptor maps (south, east, north and west versions) by recolor the original vanilla UFO doors so i can give it a nice and little sci-fi feel to them.

Here's what they look like :

Colors i used after MCD editing and work are:
1: Green
2: Light Blue
3: Blue
4: Red
5: E-115 Yellow (if i'm correct)
6: Violet
7: Yellow
8: Purple

If you want to download my MCD that has them, you have to click the zip file attachment if you guys like (My idea for the glass or energy cockpits for the Interceptor UFO can be a piece of cake to my plans. ).

1: Download the zip file first.
2: I recommend you place the files (MCD, PCK and TAB) to your TERRAIN folder in any folders where you stored MapView and MCDEdit (I recommend you use MVII instead of original MapView. I dare ya. )
3: Pick any map where you add the MCDs to see how they work and look like. :)

If you obviously like the idea i'm making, please reply here (I haven't added a white or glossy thing making the glass shine to make it a perfect piece of art for it).

Thanks for reading my new topic/thread about the idea i'm about to make. ~J-Kun FeruEnzeru  ;)
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