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(TFTD) Easy Gauss
« on: August 15, 2015, 11:17:18 pm »
Mod Page:


Reaserching "Gauss Technology" unlocks:
 - Gauss Pistol + Gauss Pistol Clip
 - Gauss Rifle + Gauss Rifle Clip
 - Heavy Gauss + Heavy Gauss Clip

Reaserching "Gauss Cannon" unlocks:
 - Gauss Cannon (Craft) + Gauss Cannon Ammo (Craft/HWP)
 - Celocanth w/Gauss Cannon
 - Gauss Defenses (Base Facility)

The craft gauss cannon and the tank (celocanth) use the same ammo in the default game and this mod doesn't affect that.

Reaserch times are adjusted so that getting all the handheld weapons is easier (faster) then getting them all in order with the vanilla reaserch tree, but harder then just getting the gauss pistol + clip. With 30 scientists it should take less than a month.

Research scores are adjusted to reflect the amount of time you spend researching.