Author Topic: [SOLVED - MP3 issue] Random crashes on intercept and battle debrief screens  (Read 2850 times)

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I'm back to playing OpenXcom after almost a year, but I encountered some problems running nightly builds. The game crashes on me randomly when intercept screen pops up, giving "std::bad_alloc" error. Sometimes it also freezes on battle debrief screen, forcing me to kill the aplication process manually.

I tried running the game with different settings, with different screen resolutions, fullscreen and windowed, with and without filters, with and without mods - crashes always occur. I checked logs and there's nothing. I tried on clean 1.0 version, and no crashes there.

My specs - Phenom II X4 955, 4GB RAM, GF GTS 250, Windows 7 and OpenXcom on SDD disc.

Oh, nevermind. I fixed it shortly after posting. It seems there's a big problem with MP3 playback, since the crashes were gone once I removed the new OST by Sycraft. I switched to OGG version, did few quick tests and it works much better. Hopefully there will be no more crashes...  :)
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