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DrawingRoutines issues.
« on: September 19, 2015, 09:57:48 am »
Look at the turd-like thing that the alien is holding with its left hand. At South-West orientation it is rendered under the torso, which (to me) looks wrong. I've included another alien to show that it
happens not only on one alien. They both use drawingRoutine: 0 though.
(It is probably usually less noticeable because regular aliens are not as hunched forward as these).

When walking in the South direction, the arms "order" gets inverted intermittently. Meaning that, in some frames, the right arm is rendered above the torso and the left arm under the torso (while it should always be the opposite). Again this is drawingRoutine: 0
You can see it in the following image. In some stages (3, 5) of the walking animation, the arms order is correct; in others (1, 2, 4) instead is not, with the right arm coming in full view while the left half-disappears under the body.
(Actually the arms are probably inverted in all the stages of the (South) walk, since in 3 and 5 the alien is still. It's not easy to take screenshots :P)
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