Author Topic: [EXPANSION]Hardmode Expansion - v0.99.4 - General Feedback Thread  (Read 110753 times)

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Re: [EXPANSION]Hardmode Expansion - v0.99.4 - General Feedback Thread
« Reply #780 on: February 10, 2019, 04:30:42 pm »
Hardmode Expansion 0.99.4 - Tactical Maze! Bugfixes, Slight Rebalances, Full set of turned Alien Base Maps, Armor Upgrades and Tank upgrades

Download Links Hardmode Expansion

Also on:

Finally finished the complete set of Alien Base Maps, so Alien Bases are now the Tactical Maze i want them to be.
Also added some slight changes to weapon balances and some items.
Also Support in Japanese and Russian (mostly complete), if you wanna help translate, the mod is on Transifex

Please use newest Nightly, or at least Nightly Version: openxcom_git_master_2018_09_17_0112

Current ToDo List
Credit List

Version 0.99.4
 - Added Translations for Japanese language, ja (TRANSIFEX)
 - Added Translations for Russian language, ru (TRANSIFEX)
 - Added Translations for British English language  en-GB (TRANSIFEX)
 - Added turned Versions for UBASE_01 (4 Maps total)
 - Added alternate/turned Version 1 for UBASE_01 (4 maps total)
 - Added alternate/turned Version 2 for UBASE_01 (4 maps total)
 - Added turned Version for EXPANDEDUBASE_19 (4 maps total)
 - Added turned Version for EXPANDEDUBASE_20 (4 maps total)
 - Added turned Version for EXPANDEDUBASE_21 (4 maps total) Clonelab
 - Added Soldier Armor Upgrades
 - Added Tank Upgrades
 - Added FloorOb Sprites for Vanilla Plasma Weapons
 - Added Fire Grenade (converted Fire Bombs)
 - Added Modified Sprite for U_EXT02 (remove shadows)
 - Fix Wrong production requirements for some Drone Upgrades)
 - Fix naming issue with Alloy Drone Medikit repair
 - Fix Runvarnames for some Missionscripts
 - Upgrade Heavy Laser Autoshot (now shots 4 times)
 - Adjusted Weapondamage for balancing (Heavy Laser/Sniper, Scatter Laser, Plasma Shotgun, Plasma Sniper)
 - Adjusted Ruleset to latest changes in : openxcom_git_master_2018_09_17_0112 or newer
 - Adjusted Missions generated from Alien Bases (Region inheritance)
 - Adjusted Smoke and Fire Bomb to be collectable (Burn Baby Burn)
 - Adjust Alive Alien Interrogation Consequences
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Re: [EXPANSION]Hardmode Expansion - v0.99.4 - General Feedback Thread
« Reply #781 on: April 17, 2019, 06:36:51 pm »
I have some suggestions:
It needs fire extinguisher, last time 2 soldiers burned out slowly after accidential missed reaction shot of heavy cannon incendiary ammunition.
Is it possible to implement extention with placing units manually at start on alien base missions? Or at least could be autoplacement more balanced? It's very annoying that minority of units are placed with no supply ammunition and cut off from others, they became likely dead from the beginning. For example: second enterence spawned 3 soldiers and 2 scout drones, and it was still not so bad as could be because of pretty high strength of those soldiers and they was loaded up to the eyeballs, but it's only luck, there was lightly equiped guys on other spot.
Also annoying when x-com ship landing right in front of ufo, once i had even door to door situation with est. 10 tiles of free space between.