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Re: [TC] [OXCE] [WIP] - OXC FACTIONS ( AKA Alien Civil War)
« Reply #105 on: Today at 01:11:04 am »
And what properties should have lovered shields?
Different look and bullet permeability?
(I want to help with it)

So the problem with the doors is this, if i use it as a UFO_DOOR (in MCDEDIT), it only animates when it opens which is not what i am after, i want it to constantly be animated until i open it, then i want it to switch to the alt-door item ( which is graphically just the shield generator slot on the ground).

If i try to use the Std Door ( Human door entry in MCD-Edit), thanks to TheReaverofDarkness, it now switches to the alternate-MCD correctly but when the turn ends, it doesnt re-activate the shields for the next turn ( like UFO doors do).

As a test, i also tried turning on UFO_Door and Door at the same time ( to see what the game does), now it doesnt animate at all, the door switches to an alternate MCD and never turns back:)

Other than the animation side ( which i dont think can be fixed without some code changes to the engine, which i am going to assume are low priority at best), When shields are up ( and animated) the Block Line of sight value is active, this means you cant see through it, i have also added Lofts to these so you cant Shoot through it ( unless you destroy it) and both of these work good .

So until someone finds a solution here, i will stop it from being a DOOR so it works similar to the stargate goa'uld's persoal shields, you can pass through it slowly ( walking speed) but cant shoot through it :)

Nord, if you like , tonight i can send you a test file also so you can try for yourself.