Author Topic: Bug feedback with yaml-cpp 0.5.2-2 on arch linux 64bit  (Read 3049 times)

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Bug feedback with yaml-cpp 0.5.2-2 on arch linux 64bit
« on: April 11, 2015, 02:34:23 am »
Hey guys,

I couldn't find any solutions for my problem while I was searching for it and I thought maybe someone somewhere may want to know about this. Hopefully this is a good location for this.

yaml-cpp 0.5.2-2 doesn't work on arch linux 64 bit
rolling back to yaml-cpp 0.5.1-1 fixes the problem.

I'm running 64bit arch linux on a macbook and I had a LOT of trouble getting openXcom to work. It turns out, after much handwringing, that the yaml-cpp parser that arch linux has updated to recently (0.5.2-2) doesn't work. I found this out since I had an unupdated machine with yaml-cpp 0.5.1-1 (on which openxcom works).  Rolling back yaml to this older version worked on the otherwise updated arch linux installation. I don't know if this may be an issue for linux users on other distros with up to date yamls, which is why I decided to come to the openxcom forums with this.

Here's a sample logfile when the problem was happening:

Code: [Select]
[10-04-2015 17:34:01]   [INFO]  Data folder is: /home/sean/backups/data/XCOM/
[10-04-2015 17:34:01]   [INFO]  Data search is:
[10-04-2015 17:34:01]   [INFO]  - /home/sean/backups/data/XCOM/
[10-04-2015 17:34:01]   [INFO]  - /home/sean/.local/share/openxcom/data/
[10-04-2015 17:34:01]   [INFO]  - /usr/local/share/openxcom/data/
[10-04-2015 17:34:01]   [INFO]  - /usr/share/openxcom/data/
[10-04-2015 17:34:01]   [INFO]  - /usr/share/openxcomhttps://data/
[10-04-2015 17:34:01]   [INFO]  - ./data/
[10-04-2015 17:34:01]   [INFO]  User folder is: ./
[10-04-2015 17:34:01]   [INFO]  Config folder is: ./
[10-04-2015 17:34:01]   [INFO]  Options loaded successfully.
[10-04-2015 17:34:01]   [INFO]  SDL initialized successfully.
[10-04-2015 17:34:01]   [INFO]  SDL_mixer initialized successfully.
[10-04-2015 17:34:01]   [INFO]  Attempting to set display to 640x400x8...
[10-04-2015 17:34:01]   [INFO]  Display set to 640x400x8.
[10-04-2015 17:34:01]   [INFO]  Loading ruleset...
[10-04-2015 17:34:02]   [WARN]  yaml-cpp: error at line 0, column 0: invalid node; this may result from using a map iterator as a sequence iterator, or vice-versa
[10-04-2015 17:34:02]   [ERROR] Failed to load ruleset

If you want me to post other information that I can find, do let me know.

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Re: Bug feedback with yaml-cpp 0.5.2-2 on arch linux 64bit
« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2015, 04:15:54 am »
by all means, if it can help people sort out potential issues, there's no good reason not to ;)